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E-NEWS BULLETIN 24 May 2019  Links to present possibilities


irvin-jimEnd of the road for the Socialist Revolutionary Workers’ Party? And what future for Numsa?

The party polled an embarrassingly low number of votes in the election. For now, at least, the dream of a political party that is focused only on the needs of workers appears to be dead.

police-repression-grabouwWage negotiations deadlocked on Grabouw Farm at centre of N2 protests

The deadlock is on the question of wage increases. Progress had been made on the secondary demands for eradication of labour brokers and single-sex hostels.

kwa5Dunoon land occupiers club together to pay for lawyer

The occupiers each paid R100 to pay for legal representation. This is unusual. Sometimes people facing eviction may be able to get the free services of a public interest law firm that will also cover the cost of advocates’ fees.

thermometerNational Climate Change Adaptation Strategy published for public comment

The Department of Environmental Affairs has said the public has 30 days to forward their input on the strategy which was developed in line with SA’s commitment to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change while stoking the country’s appetite for fossil fuels.

looting Service Delivery Protests, Violence and Xenophobia

What starts out as a protest against poor service delivery in terms of housing issues or crime and inadequate policing often escalates into violence and looting that targets spaza shops owned by African or Asian migrants. This week’s Workers on Wednesday discusses this problem, with the United Front’s Dr Trevor Ngwane and Prince Abenge from Africa Unite.

diko-swartSAFTU reports Grabouw farm to Human Rights Commission

The South African Federation of Trade Unions lodged a complaint against Oak Valley Estate with the SAHRC as a way of intensifying the pressure on the farm owners in the midst of a strike by workers.


arms shipItalian port workers go on strike against Saudi arms shipment

The ship carrying armaments destined for the war on Yemen also met with protests on May 9 at the Le Havre port in France, where it was prevented from loading a planned arms shipment by humanitarian groups.

According to a study by the Bank of Ghana, less than 1.7 percent of global returns from its gold make their way back to the Ghanaian government. The remaining 98.3 percent is managed by outside entities—mainly multinational corporations, who keep the lion’s share of the profits.

Don’t Blame Africa’s Underdevelopment on Corruption and ‘Bad Governance’

The discourse of ‘good governance’ suggests that the States in developing countries are deeply and congenitally corrupt. It ignores the deep structural dynamics that push a country to become merely the exporter of raw materials.

see-no-evilThe Dogs of War Are Unchained Once More

A call from the Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research on Indonesian President Joko Widodo to use his position as president of the UN Security Council to denounce the violations of international law that have been committed by the United States in its campaign to destabilise Venezuela.

guaidoVenezuela: Amnesty International in Service of Empire

Amnesty International fails to put its claims against the Maduro government in the context of a concerted regime-change campaign, which amounts to war, by the bully from the north.

assangeU.S. Says Assange Violated Espionage Act in Leaking Secrets

The U.S. charged WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange with 18 counts related to endangering U.S. national security by conspiring to obtain and disclose classified information in one of the biggest intelligence breaches in American history.

tehranHas the New York Times Declared War on Iran?

In its quest to paint Iran as a violent aggressor, the US media does not care to provide relevant history, not least of which is its role in repeating the WMD lie justifying the war on Iraq.

bernieCiting Harm to Public Education, Bernie Sanders Calls for Ban on For-Profit Charter Schools

Sanders’s support for banning for-profit charters comes as President Donald Trump’s Department of Education—under the leadership of billionaire Betsy DeVos—is pushing for the expansion of charter schools nationwide.

737maxU.S. airlines expect Boeing 737 MAX jets need up to 150 hours of work before flying again

The estimate by the three airlines is the first indication of the time needed to bring the jets out of storage following a worldwide grounding in March spurred by deadly crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia.

gilets-jauneThe Yellow Vests of France: Six Months of Struggle

The Yellow Vests have already succeeded in shattering the capitalist myth of “representative democracy” in the age of neo-liberalism. Their uprising has unmasked the lies and violence of republican government, as well as the duplicity of representative institutions like political parties, bureaucratic unions and the mainstream media.

clean-clothes-campaignWestern European brands are profiting from poverty wages in Romania

Garment workers in Romania, Europe’s biggest fashion manufacturer, earn a mere 14 percent of a living wage, forcing their family members to search for precarious jobs in Western Europe.

housing demoThousands march in Dublin’s ‘Raise the Roof’ rally, demanding government action on housing crisis

‘Raise the Roof’ demands an end to evictions into homelessness, timely provision of public housing built on public land by local authorities, and an end to excessive reliance on the profit driven private sector to supply public housing.



nakbaWhat Is Nakba Day? Here’s the Truth the Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You

The media often contends simply that Nakba Day is when Palestinians lament the establishment of Israel in 1948—as though Palestinians had no cause for lamentation other than an apparent hatred of Jews. It’s a leaf from the book of Zionist propaganda.

amputeesForeign Aid That Costs an Arm and a Leg — Literally

The U.S.-funded Israeli military is shooting so many unarmed Palestinians that the UN is warning of an amputation crisis in Gaza.



Capitalism Tech Dystopia: How San Francisco broke America’s heart

San Francisco has experienced plenty of change through its rich history: it now languishes in a culture that’s gutted. Too homogeneous. Too expensive. Too tech. Too millennial. Too white. Too elite. Too bro.

delivery-robotSF Delivery companies prompt a human vs robot showdown

Two companies pushing to offer robot delivery services each had permit hearings before San Francisco Public Works Wednesday morning but met with heated opposition from the workers their services could one day replace.

satellite5G Networks Could Throw Weather Forecasting Into Chaos

If you had a choice between a better, faster cell phone signal and an accurate weather forecast, which would you pick?



bee‘What Could Be More Important?’: World Leaders, Media Ignore Biodiversity Report Detailing Mass Extinction Event Now Underway

Just two of Britain’s national newspapers included any reporting about biodiversity on their front pages on May 7, the day after the royal baby was born to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.









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