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E-NEWS BULLETIN 31 May 2019  Links to present possibilities

Dear reader, it is with much regret that Workers’ World Media Productions has to announce that this is the final edition of our electronic newsletter. Funding constraints mean that we have no choice but to cut back on our operations. If any of the newsletter’s typical contents interests you and you are on social media, please share more of the same on our Facebook page. You are the media! (even while that social network aims to own you).

Remember the present makes our future so get busy making it the best possible – just not by getting news and views here.


amcuIt’s now law — no secret balloting, no strike

The sharpest edge of last year’s labour law changes came into effect this week. Secret balloting of members before the commencement of strike action is now mandatory and has to be reflected in the constitutions of unions.

telkom-mobileSouth Africa’s Telkom cuts 12.5% jobs, mobile boosts profit

Telkom SA has cut 12.5% of the group’s permanent jobs after posting a 22.6% surge in full-year earnings as upbeat performance in its mobile business offset declines in the traditional fixed-line unit.

denecoThreat of new strike at Robertson Winery

Workers are frustrated with negotiations over wages and labour conditions at Robertson Winery and a strike is on the table. The current round of talks are the first since a prolonged 14-week strike in 2016 during which a three-year deal was hammered out.

breeriviervalleiBottling company workers to strike next Wednesday

More than 80 workers at the Breëriviervallei Bottling company in Worcester are set to down tools next Wednesday. The workers are asking for an 18% wage hike among other things.

Wage Negotiations for 2019 – 2020

Over the past two decades most wage agreements have been for a 3-year period and dealt with at centralised bargaining council level. This year there are a few negotiations taking place in key sectors such as platinum mining and a few major ones in 2020. In this week’s Workers on Wednesday slot we get an overview of what to expect in the forthcoming wage negotiations.



ethiopian-garment-workersEthiopians are being paid world’s lowest wages to make your clothes

Ethiopia is trying to become the new Bangladesh of garment factory labour by promising the lowest wages in the world, but the workers themselves report they’re struggling to survive on US$26 a month while stitching clothes for Calvin Klein, H&M and other brands.

ghanian open cast98.3 Percent of Ghana’s Gold Remains in the Hands of Multinational Corporations

The disproportionate focus on corruption of national leaders distracts from the systemic theft of national wealth by multinational corporations.

evo-moralesThe people are with Evo: a glimpse at a new Bolivia

With the general elections in Bolivia approaching, the leader of the largest peasants’ union in the country shares his prognosis in this interview. President Evo Morales is also a member of this peasants’ union.

bernie-sanders‘Let’s Expand Employee Ownership’: Bernie Sanders Backs Plan to Give Workers Power Over Corporate Decisions

“We can move to an economy where workers feel that they’re not just a cog in the machine—one where they have power over their jobs and can make decisions.”

torrent pharmaceutical workersTorrent Pharmaceutical workers in India beaten and fired after joining union

When Torrent Pharmaceutical workers became members of the Association of Chemical Workers Union in October 2018, management unleashed a series of vindictive actions aimed at union busting.

rheinmetall AGMGermany: activists take action against Rheinmetall AGM

Activists disrupted the annual general meeting of arms company Rheinmetall, holding banners protesting the use of tanks manufactured by the company by the Turkish military in Kurdish regions.



The regime of President Modi brazenly supported Israel. Now that his Hindu nationalist party has won a greater majority in the recently concluded elections, India’s ties with Israel are set to intensify and Palestinians will pay a heavy price for it.

The UN Is a Mouthpiece for Israeli Propaganda

At the UN, Israel faces no threats whatsoever. Its recent bombing of Gaza and official statements from the international community testify to this fact.

View the Frontline Documentary on raining teargas in gazaGaza that American audiences are shielded from seeing

The film is missing important context about the issue, but it includes footage that Americans, as Israel’s top funders, should see – including a young, unarmed teen being shot in her head.

A call to German parties not to equate BDS with anti-Semitism

After the German resolution equating the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement with anti-Semitism, academics internationally have signed a call to the German parliament to view all forms of racism and bigotry as a threat and to resist the growing tendency of labeling supporters of Palestinian human rights as anti-Semitic. [pdf]



google tempGoogle’s Shadow Work Force: Temps Who Outnumber Full-Time Employees

“It’s time to end the two-tier system that treats some workers as expendable,” the walkout organizers wrote on Twitter in March.

cellphoneDisinformation and ‘fake news’: Final Report published

The report by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee recommends that social media companies be obliged to take down known sources of harmful content.



This newsletter is intended as a special and alternative news, information and knowledge source for all who are interested in issues relevant to promoting political, social and economic equality and the eradication of poverty. The articles contained herein are obtained from various electronic media platforms and do not necessarily reflect the views of WWMP.