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In 2006, WWMP was part of a pioneering group that initiated the development and launch of Cape Town TV in 2008. Since then we have been an important stakeholder and was party to developing what is probably the first and only regular weekly labour TV show on the continent and probably the only regular weekly broadcasted labour TV show in the world. CTV now has an additional channel on digital TV as part of the DSTV network as Channel 263. This has increased its viewership to over 2 million monthly viewers. Potentially the labour TV show on the DSTV network makes the show available to six million people across sub-Saharan Africa.

Every year we produce and broadcast two 13-week seasons that started as a 30-minute show that has evolved into a full hour. The quality of the shows has been excellent: well-produced and professional. We are working hard to ensure that it continues to improve in quality and also in representation, by increasing the number of women participants.

In 2010, together with AIDC, we completed our first documentary film production, False Profits, that focused on the causes of the economic crisis and its effects on working class people. We hope to use our television production skills to create more documentaries, and we have several pertinent ideas in the pipeline. Funding limitations and other pressing priorities mean we have not realised this ambition yet.