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E-NEWS BULLETIN 17 May 2019  Links to present possibilities


The best aspect of South Africa’s sixth national election since democracy in 1994 was that it was extremely peaceful, virtually incident free, fair, and credible. The top marks go to the 16 million who cast their votes, many in difficult rural terrain and some in cold, rainy conditions. The downside was that this was the lowest turnout of registered voters since that first seminal democratic election.

2019 elections: The great democratic swindle

Lost in the so-called celebrations of democracy is the reality that, despite the passing of the political party funding legislation, voters are none the wiser about the moneybags that bankrolled their parties and what paybacks await the “party blessers” – by Dinga Sikwebu.

voter-qFor the first time, most adults didn’t vote

The ANC received fewer votes in 2019 than ever before despite the population being nearly 1.7 times bigger than in 1994. For the leading opposition party, the number of votes the DA received is as dire.

ramaphosaMarkets cheer ANC win

Investors all agree that despite the firm mandate from voters, President Cyril Ramaphosa will have to show that he is serious about instituting reform at struggling state-owned entities, Eskom most especially.

grabouw-shantiesFarm workers in Grabouw strike for R250 per day

The strikers are demanding a wage increase to R250 per day, an end to labour brokering, and the removal of single sex hostels. The employer says it is complying with the National Minimum Wage.

abm-logoWe Welcome the Arrest of the Gangster Mayor of Durban for Corruption and money laundering

“The corruption in Durban had become so brazen, and supported with such brazen thuggery, that eventually the state had to act.  For too long we have been saying our cities have now taken over by gangster politicians and mafia – Abahlali baseMjondolo press statement.

kevin-frenchSRWP Mourns the Passing of Comrade Kevin John French

The Socialist Revolutionary Workers’ Party in the Western Cape mourns the loss of a founding member, Kevin John French, who lived a life committed to socialism despite the many organisational fractures he lived through, from the SWP to ISM to the Workers’ List, to lastly SRWP.

SA’s unemployment rate spikes

According to Stats SA’s Labour Force Survey, the unemployment rate increased by 0.5% between the first quarter of 2019 and the last quarter of 2018.

[petition] Demand compensation for sick miners

dying-for-goldTo: President Ramaphosa, the Ministers of Health and Labour, Members of Parliament, CEO’s of Anglo American, AngloGold Ashanti, Gold Fields, Harmony Gold, African Rainbow Minerals, Sibanye Stillwater and TEBA,

We call on you to enforce laws protecting miners against lung diseases, to speedily pay just compensation to all eligible ex-gold miners and their families and to change current laws governing compensation so that ex-gold miners and their families from across southern Africa can access compensation.

Install the Elitsha app for your phone   

delft-backyardersDelft backyard dwellers demand housing

Backyarders from Delft picketed outside the civic centre in Cape Town calling for an end to what they referred to as “empty promises” by the City of Cape Town.

grabouw-policeProtestors clash with police in Grabouw

A community protest in support of the Oak Valley strikers was met by police violence and threats from ‘Coloured’ workers.


straits-of-hormuzWarnings of ‘Gulf of Tonkin 2.0’ as Trump Officials Blame Iran for Oil Tanker Attacks

Is the Trump administration attempting to concoct a false pretext to justify launching a war against Iran?

Will John Bolton’s Dream to Bomb Iran Come True? Ex-Iranian Ambassador Warns About U.S. Escalation

The Pentagon has reportedly drawn up a plan to send as many as 120,000 troops to the Middle East if President Trump decides to take military action against Iran.

communication-workers‘Disgraceful’: While Reaping $21 Billion Windfall From Trump Tax Cuts, Report Shows, AT&T Slashed 23,000 Jobs

AT&T promised to create thousands of new jobs as President Donald Trump’s tax legislation moved through Congress in 2017, but the telecom giant has done precisely the opposite since the bill became law.

United States: journalists’ house raided by police

Freelance journalist Bryan Carmody’s house was searched by the San Francisco Police on May 10 after he refused to reveal his source who leaked a report on the death of the city’s public defender Jeff Adachi in February 2019.

construction50 blacklisted trade unionists win £1.9m from building firms

Eight construction firms have been compelled to apologise unreservedly to trade unionists who discovered they were being blacklisted because of their political beliefs.



trump-potty-mouthIsrael newspaper publishes terms of ‘deal of century’

Trump’s deal includes a tripartite agreement between Israel, the PLO and Hamas, and the establishment of “New Palestine” in the occupied West Bank and Gaza – with the exception of the settlements – and an elevated highway between the two.

Israel firm meddled in Africa, Asia and Latin America elections

Facebook announced today that it had deactivated dozens of accounts found to be spreading disinformation by posing as local journalists and influencers. The social media giant traced these accounts to Archimedes Group, a private company based near Tel Aviv which had engineered the campaign.



It’s Time for the Next Economic System – Socialism

This is the right time to talk about why we need a new economic system and how to get there: with guests Zwelinzima Vavi (SAFTU General Secretary), Kali Akuno (a leader in co-operative development from Jackson, Mississippi), and Gar Alperovitz (professor of Political Economy at the University of Maryland). (28:58 minutes)



starllinkMusk Gets Head Start on Bezos Launching SpaceX’s Satellites

SpaceX is creating a space-based constellation of satellites that beams broadband to underserved areas across the globe. It’s a bet Musk is making on bringing in revenue as an internet provider from outer space.

amazon-flexI Delivered Packages for Amazon and It Was a Nightmare

Welcome to the future of package delivery. As people shop more online, companies like Amazon are turning to independent contractors—essentially anyone with a car—to drop parcels at homes and businesses. But is it a good deal for workers?

Tuber-drivers-strikehe Uber strike should worry investors and the company because it points to a fundamental problem with its business model

Ride hailing companies have built their services around paying their drivers pitifully low wages. That fact was at the center of Wednesday’s strike.

uber-cruelHow Corporate Delusions of Automation Fuel the Cruelty of Uber and Lyft

Uber is operating at a truly massive annual loss, is propped up largely by an even more massive inflow of investment capital, and has already been cutting drivers’ wages in key markets.

facial-recognition-techSan Francisco Bans Facial Recognition Technology

San Francisco is the first major American city to block a tool that many police forces are turning to in the search for both small-time criminal suspects and perpetrators of mass carnage.



Too Many People, or Too Much Greed?

Today, our Lifeboat Earth is drifting toward becoming a more wicked world of exclusionary survival for exclusionary wealth, but this drift is being resisted by many forms of spirited, morally-based and eco-socially oriented activism. That activism is where the soul and the honor of humanity are to be found.

ghostsWe Are the Shadow-Ghosts, Creeping Back as the Camp Fires Burn Low

The über-wealthy are in search of citadels, novel ways to preserve their wealth into the era of catastrophe, frightened that their guards might turn their guns on them, dipping into the fantasy of building a robot army to protect them in their islands of prosperity. Europe builds its ‘wall’ along the Sahel, as the United States does so deep into Central America.

climate-emergency‘We Don’t Know a Planet Like This’: CO2 Levels Hit 415 PPM for First Time in 3 Million+ Years

Three million years ago in the Pliocene age, it was much hotter, oceans were maybe 90 feet higher and humankind wasn’t yet recognisable.


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