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E-NEWS BULLETIN 29 June 2018 Links to present possibilities


phm-saPeople’s Health Movement Statement on National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill

The People’s Health Movement South Africa welcomes the NHI Bill in that it affirms “universal health coverage”, which means a health service that is available to all persons. However, PHM-SA remains deeply concerned about government’s ability to steer this ambitious project and to ensure that private sector interests, and the inevitable inequalities that are created, are anticipated and substantially regulated.

The High Court last week affirmed the independence of the SABC board and therefore prohibited the Minister from having power over the SABC board when it comes to recruiting for executive positions. This dismissal helps bring an end to an era of overt political interference in SABC governance by the Ministry of Communications.

inxebaA victory for Inxeba is a victory for Freedom of Expression!

The Right2Know Campaign and the South African Screen Federation welcomed a ruling on the censorship of the award-winning film Inxeba, which had effectively been reclassified as hard core pornography by the Film & Publications Board’s appeals tribunal.

What you need to know about recycling in Joburg

EWN takes a look at the City of Johannesburg’s new rule that all residents must recycle from 1 July, and how it will work.



food aid mozMozambique’s mysterious insurgency

Armed militants are burning villages and beheading civilians in northern Mozambique — and no one knows who they are, or what they want. What is clear is that the presence of a notorious US mercenary, as well as vast reserves of natural gas, is unlikely to help calm tensions.

syrian civil defenseWhite Helmets: A tool for ‘regime change’ in Syria that’s too important to stop funding?

Washington’s decision to resume funding for White Helmets after a brief freeze highlights how important the controversial group is for the US-promoted regime-change agenda, according to Syrian conflict observers.

yemen is starvingYemeni Suffering Made Easy

The Saudi and UAE-led operation to retake the rebel-held port city of Hodeidah, which could jeopardize the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians, represents more than the latest tragic chapter in Yemen’s civil war.

robert-gates-2008The Pentagon Can’t Account for $21 Trillion (That’s Not a Typo)

It also means that any time our government says it “doesn’t have money” for a project, it’s laughable. It can clearly “create” as much as it wants for bombing and death. This would explain how Donald Trump’s military can drop well over 100 bombs a day that cost well north of $1 million each.

iuf-marriot-picketMarriott workers from around the world demand action to combat sexual harassment

Union members from Marriott hotels in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe and the Americas came together in Geneva on May 29 to voice their demand for global action by the world’s largest hotel group to protect workers from the endemic sexual harassment which plagues the industry.



a-lab-and-a-showroomA Lab and a Showroom:
The Israeli Military Industries and the Oppression of the Great March of Return in Gaza

The Coalition of Women for Peace has a project that works to expose the true human price of the Israeli military industry and arms trade. This report [4.9MB pdf] documents the armaments deployed by the Israeli military against the Palestinian Great March of Return. enhamushim

newsroomHow the Corporate Media Enslave Us to a World of Illusions

It began with the dislocation of moving to Nazareth and being immersed in someone else’s narrative – that of the Palestinians. Then, I faced for the first time in my career as a journalist an impenetrable wall of opposition, even from my own former newspaper, the Guardian, as I tried to explain that counter-narrative.

French engineering company Systra has withdrawn from part of Israel’s construction of a rail network in occupied Jerusalem, after its connection to the project was revealed by the International Federation for Human Rights.

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We have handed to private companies the power to set and enforce the boundaries of appropriate public speech. That is an enormous cultural power to be held by so few, and it is largely wielded behind closed doors, making it difficult for outsiders to inspect or challenge.

Scourtneyilicon Valley bus drivers sleep in parking lots. They may have to make way for development

A third of bus runs given to drivers require split shifts on weekdays, with gaps in the middle of the day when they are not working, according to the transit agency. That makes it difficult to go home to rest if they live far away.

flexitimeI Delivered Packages for Amazon and It Was a Nightmare

Amazon Flex allows drivers to get paid to deliver packages from their own vehicles. But is it a good deal for workers?



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