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E-NEWS BULLETIN 22 June 2018 Links to present possibilities


parkwood backyardWhy families occupied land in Parkwood

Since May, hundreds of backyarders in Parkwood have been protesting intermittently for housing. They are demanding that the City of Cape Town hand over vacant land in the area. The group began occupying land in the area on 18 May.

Constitutional Court rules party funders must be made public

A year before the crucial 2019 national elections Parliament has now been ordered by the top court to amend the Promotion of Access to Information Act (Paia) and take any other measure to provide for the preservation and facilitation of reasonable access to information on the private funding of parties.

A resounding Victory for Media Freedom and the Independence of our Public Broadcaster!

The Minister of Communication was denied leave to appeal the court ruling from October 2017, that affirmed the independence of the SABC Board. It means the executive members of the Board are to be appointed solely by the non­-executive members of the board and without any requirement of approval by the Minister.

lgbtCourt rules that religion cannot be used as a defence for anti-gay hate speech

The Equality Court has found a Cape Town-based pastor in contempt of court for making hateful comments against gays and lesbians. The court sentenced the pastor to imprisonment for a period of 30 days, suspended for five years.



ban the bombDenuclearize the United States? An Unthinkable Thought

Orwell would appreciate the classic double-think hypocrisy beneath all the U.S. media-politics bluster about the necessity of little North Korea fully de-nuclearizing while the world’s only Superpower undertakes a Darth Vader-esque upgrade of the greatest and highly thermonuclear weapons-of-mass destruction-complex known to history.

joe hillWe Can Thank Top Union Officials for Trump

The unions are by definition unconditionally pro-worker. Consequently, as the Democratic Party pushes further to the right in pursuit of corporate money, organized labor, by following them, has betrayed its mission.

child detentionNew Video and Audio Captures ‘Horrifying’ Reality of Children Taken From Parents

As images, videos, and audio provided “horrifying” glimpses inside America’s child detention facilities in the midst of President Donald Trump’s massive attack on immigrant families, all 49 members of the Senate Democratic Caucus on Monday united behind a bill that would end the White House’s family separation policy immediately,

trump xiTrump escalates China trade spat with extra tariffs threat

President Donald Trump inched closer to an all-out trade war by unveiling plans Monday to impose 10 percent tariffs on an additional $200 billion worth of Chinese goods if Beijing doesn’t bend to US demands.

brazilian-truck-drivers-strikeThe Brazilian Truckers’ Strike: How WhatsApp Is Changing the Rules of the Game

The massive truckers’ strike that began on May 21 and immobilized Brazil for a week and half was one of the largest mobilizations ever carried out via the messaging platform WhatsApp.

[VIDEO] Teachers Using Social Media For Organizing Mass Strikes

Arizona teacher Rebecca Garelli and West Virginia teacher Nicole McCormick in Oakland, California spoke about how they used social media to organize, get information out and also build mass strike action. This presentation took place on June 9, 2018 at Oakland Tech as part of a panel on lesson of the teacher strikes.

Workers Rights, Workers Lives, Organizing in Silicon Valley

Millions of workers have moved to California to work and live. The Laborfest conference heard from service and tech workers who are fighting for union and worker rights in Silicon Valley. While billionaires are being made there every year, the workers who make their money are facing extreme economic hardship, struggling to survive.


latin palestinaLatin America Embraces BDS as Chilean City Becomes First to Join Boycott of Israel

Last Tuesday, in the wake of recent victories for the Boycott, Divest, Sanctions (BDS) movement elsewhere in Latin America, Valdivia, a relatively small city in southern Chile, became the first city in all of Latin America to officially join the boycott against Israel.

moralesBolivia declares Israel a ‘terrorist state’

Israeli citizens will now be required to obtain a visa before traveling to Bolivia. Previously, under a 1972 agreement, which Morales denounced for being “signed under a dictatorial regime,” Israelis could travel freely into Bolivia without having to obtain a visa.

young fathersArtists boycott Germany’s Ruhrtriennale for banning Palestinian rights

Rock legend Roger Waters has voiced support for Young Fathers after the group was banned from a German music festival for backing Palestinian rights.

razan al najjarThe two-state solution is dead. Palestine needs a new UN mandate

Israel’s disregard for civilian lives is clear. The occupied territories need proper UN protection.

Local news from Khayelitsha, East London, Port Elizabeth, Alexandra and Orange Farm in English and isiXhosa

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shenzhenShenzhen’s tech workers face burnout striving for their entrepreneurial dream

China’s tech industry is dominated by three massive conglomerates, which can all demand absolute loyalty and dedication from their staff. Underneath this gleaming umbrella however the industry is much more volatile and unpredictable and workers are vulnerable to exploitation and management abuses.



USmarines-PanamaA Self-Enriching Pact: Imperialism and the Global South

It was long ago pointed out by Kwame Nkrumah that mining corporations are a major agent of neo-colonialism. To what degree the growing incidence of Chinese corporations alters that exploitative relation in Africa is part of a big debate between David Harvey and John Smith, author of Imperialism in the 21st Century.



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