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E-NEWS BULLETIN 15 June 2018 Links to present possibilities


saaHow privatisation versus nationalisation debate is on a fast track to nowhere

On one hand, an ANC-run state is pushing a selective privatisation agenda under intense practical and ideological pressure from international and domestic capital. On the other hand, it is defending selective state-owned entities as part of what is presented as a more interventionist “developmental state”.

New rules needed to ensure social media does not undermine elections

With our own elections just a year away it’s worth asking whether SA’s electoral system is immune from the kind of interference seen in the Brexit referendum and last year’s US election.

“Decolonising Higher Education: The lived experiences of Stellenbosch and Rhodes pointing a way to the future

A report on the experiences of black students in two of South Africa’s whitest universities and how the future of higher education in the country need not be foreboding.



obamaThe Stupefying Mediocrity of Barack Obama

When your overriding value in life is self-glorification, what you tend to get is the moral cowardice and fecklessness of people like Obama, the Clintons, and, in truth, all centrist politicians.

The Laborfest in San Franscisco in the US will be held for the whole month of July during which films, discussions and debates and tours will celebrate past and present workers’ struggle against the tyranny of capitalist control.


United Nations condemns excessive Israeli force against Palestinians

The General Assembly adopted a resolution with 120 votes in favour, eight against and 45 abstentions. It was put forward in the General Assembly by Algeria, Turkey and the Palestinians after the United States vetoed a similar resolution in the 15-member UN Security Council earlier this month.

abbas doesn't represent mePalestinian Leadership: What a New Model Might Look Like

The consolidation of power in the hands of one central political actor has not only led existing Palestinian institutions to fail to act democratically on behalf of the Palestinian people, but has also led to the marginalization and deliberate exclusion of other Palestinian political actors and factions perceived as rivals.

gaza great return marchHow the Corporate Media Enslave Us to a World of Illusions

Israel is enthusiastically embraced by the Great Western Narrative: it is supposedly a liberal democracy, many of its inhabitants dress and sound like us, its cities look rather like our cities, its TV shows are given a makeover and become hits on our TV screens. If you don’t stand too close, Israel could be Britain or the US.

The Two-State Solution: An Autopsy

What Israel’s military restores when it quells Palestinian protests is not law and order, but illegality and repression, reinforcing its theft of Palestinian territory in order to preclude the possibility of a Palestinian state, a goal it has achieved.

bibi saudiIsrael Aiding Saudi Arabia In Developing Nuclear Weapons

Saudi interest in developing nuclear weapons dates back to the 1970s, when the kingdom learned of major steps taken by both Israel and India in the development of nuclear armaments. Israel’s nuclear arsenal is undeclared and the country has refused to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Local news from Khayelitsha, East London, Port Elizabeth, Alexandra and Orange Farm in English and isiXhosa

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foxconnUnderpaid and exhausted: the human cost of your Kindle

The Foxconn factory in Hengyang relies on the tried and tested formula of low wages and long hours. But here there is another element: the extensive use of agency workers who don’t have the security of a regular job. In South Africa, we know these agencies as labour brokers.



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