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E-NEWS BULLETIN 8 June 2018 Links to present possibilities


eskomSAFTU condemns Eskom’s war on its workers!

Eskom are demanding that workers accept a wage cu, the loss of over 10,000 jobsand the privatisation of electricity generation to independent power producers. This is nothing less than a declaration of war on the workers! There were even Nyala armoured vehicles parked at the venue of the Bargaining Council and private security staff all over the vicinity.

blade ndzimandeSeta cash fills SACP’s coffers

A private training college – in which the investment wing of the SA Communist Party and the party’s treasurer have shares – has been awarded contracts worth R235 million from the National Skills Fund and the country’s biggest sector education and training authority.

weatlake residents protestProtests close down Cape Town business district

Westlake business district in Cape Town was shut down by protesters on Monday, with schools and businesses closed and taxis not operating. Protesters, who were demanding housing, marched 8km to hand over a memorandum at the city councillor’s office in Constantia.

PHM-SA Demands Health Equity for All Now!

The People’s Health Movement South Africa calls on civil society, communities and allies in health struggles to join in mass mobilisation and community action to realise health equity and the right to health for all in South Africa.

scrap labour bills p confThe Labour Relations Amendment Bill – A victory for Business

Of the labour law amendments, the national minimum wage received the most attention but the more draconian changes to the Labour Relations Act will offset monetary gains of workers and undermine the constitutional right to strike. To understand this draconian trajectory we should examine the background to the bills and its link to the mining industry and the role of President Cyril Ramaphosa.

wikipediaWikimania hits SA

Cape Town will host the Wikimania 2018 conference from July 18-22. The 14th Wikimania will gather about 700 volunteers from around the world to celebrate Wikipedia and the Wikimedia projects and discuss how to improve the diversity of knowledge on the sites.



lalitThe Land Question in Mauritius – the struggle for social and democratic control of the land

In Mauritius, we in LALIT (a political party struggling for socialism) are placing the land question high on the political agenda. There are other organizations in Mauritius that work towards restituting land to land-owning families who, in the past, lost their land to the big sugar estates. But LALIT sees the land question differently.

ahmed mansoorTen years for a tweet: UAE’s shameful imprisonment of Ahmed Mansoor

As the last dissident voice in the Emirates is silenced, it remains to be seen who is left to speak out about injustice in the UAE.

arab islamic american summitJordan struggles for survival strategy in shadow of US-Israeli-Saudi axis

In 2004, King Abdullah of Jordan inaugurated the modern sectarian era by warning the US and Arab allies of a “Shia crescent,” a relentless Iranian crusade to subvert and dominate the Middle East. That prophecy was fulfilled, with the resultant Sunni-Arab coalition helping fuel a new wave of tensions and conflict with Iran.

jordan strikeJordan trade unions strike to press for their demands

Jordan’s major trade unions held a one-day general strike in major cities across the Middle Eastern country as part of week-long protests against a controversial proposed tax reform bill and price hikes.

Challenging gender inequalities in the labour market by valuing care work

Domestic and care tasks have historically been unpaid, carried out by women in the family and community, without social benefits or labour rights. When these tasks are transferred to the market or are taken on by the state, they are still executed by women.

bibi trumpMueller Finally Starts to Target Trump’s Israel Ties

There are strange Israeli footprints all over the Trump-Russia story. Quite a few of the shady figures close to the president and his business affairs are American Jews of Soviet heritage who possess connections to Israel.



corbynJeremy Corbyn’s solidarity message to Right of Return demonstration

We cannot turn a blind eye to these repeated and dangerous breaches of international law. The security of one will never be achieved at the expense of the other. And that is why we are committed to reviewing UK arms sales to Israel while these violations continue.

partition of palestineWhat is Zionism?

Jews often trace their nationhood back to the biblical kingdoms of David and Solomon, circa 950 BC. Modern Zionism, building on the longstanding Jewish yearning for a “return to Zion,” began in the 19th century — right about the time that nationalism started to rise in Europe.

The Biggest Failures and Successes in the History of the Palestine Issue

Seventy years have passed since the Nakbah, where the Palestine issue was marred by failures and crowned with successes, while the struggle did not stop, and the case was not closed. This article attempts to provide a brief and intensive account of the biggest failures and successes in the history of the Palestine issue.

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las vegasLas Vegas casino workers prep for strike over automation: ‘Robots can’t beat us’

Culinary and bartenders unions, which represent resort workers in the negotiations for a new five-year contract, say wage increases, workload quotas and job security threats posed by automation are the sticking points.



Ten Marxist ideas that define the 21st century

No matter how hard the propaganda machine has tried to refute Marx’s analysis, his ideas have stood the test of time.




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