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Friday 25 September 2015
Labour news you cannot afford to miss !

SOUTH AFRICA: Principled? Five reasons to boycott Pharrell
Pharrell Williams is pretty cool. He has a swag hat collection, a super successful line of Adidas sneakers, and apparently never ages. But we shouldn’t be giving him too much credit – he’s got issues too.
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SOUTH AFRICA: What happened to South African democracy?
“Most first-time visitors to Cape Town are mesmerized by the majesty of Table Mountain, and wowed by the vivacity of the Victorian-era waterfront. But what has lodged most in my memory is something very different.
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SOUTH AFRICA: The long walk to the short walk: How the SA anti-corruption march is all about redemption
“The anti-corruption march, planned for September 30, is turning into a thing. The coalition United Against Corruption gathers more logos by the day, and it should be one of the most sizeable gatherings of South Africans in the democratic era.”
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USA: The Sharing Economy’s Liberal Lobbyists
“It was 2008 and presidential hopeful Barack Obama was inspiring millions of people with his promise to disrupt politics as usual – and a new startup called Airbnb was turning that enthusiasm for change into millions of dollars.”
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RUSSIA: Russian Project Honors Stalin’s Victims and Stirs Talk on Brutal Past
“In a society stewing in nationalist sentiment, a little project called Last Address seems almost seditious. Run by a small band of activists, journalists, professors and historians, it is an effort to publicly acknowledge the victims of Soviet repressions, beginning in 1917….”
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SOUTH KOREA: Legal revisions would snuff out alternative online media
“With the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism seeking to tighten up the requirements for registering online newspapers, there is growing opposition to the revision on the grounds that it would infringe on freedom of expression and media diversity”
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USA: Chris Hedges Slams Bernie Sanders For Refusing To Defend Palestinians
“Author and writer Chris Hedges attacked Bernie Sanders for refusing to defend the Palestinians at a rally for Kshama Sawant in Oakland, California on 9/19/15.”
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CUBA: Redefining Socialism in Cuba
“Cuba’s socialism has constantly evolved as it has responded to both domestic and international conditions, and this constant redefining of the model continues today.”
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INDIA: A new documentary brings the Maruti struggle alive through the stories of its arrested workers
Rahul Roy’s latest film revisits the unionisation dispute that rocked the automobile company’s plant in Manesar between 2011 and 2013.”
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USA: Tech bus drivers forced to live in cars to make ends meet
“Living in a car is hard,” said Peebles, who is 6 feet tall and, after almost two months of sleeping in the car, has developed muscle aches and a stiff neck.”

USA: California city commissioner fired for proposing Israel divestment
“An official in Berkeley has been terminated for proposing a resolution calling for divestment from international and Israeli companies that profit from the occupation of Palestinian territories. ”
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KENYA-NIGERIA-SOUTH AFRICA: PwC launches ‘Entertainment and media outlook: 2015 – 2019’
“PwC launched its ‘Entertainment and media outlook: 2015 – 2019’ report, which presents annual historical data for 2010-2014 and provides annual forecasts for 2015-2019 in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya…”
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USA: “It’s the US, Not Iran, That Is the Main Threat to World Peace
Vijay Prashad interviews Noam Chomsky on the recent Iranian nuclear deal to understand its geo-political and historical context.
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