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E-News Bulletin
Friday 29 January 2016
Labour news you cannot afford to miss !

Keep calm and let the students disrupt injustice: a response to Achille Mbembe


As township struggle seeps into elite spaces such as the university, many privileged academics and university managers have become terrified of what they perceive as ‘uncivil’ protest..




The assassination of Patrice Lumumba, the ghosts of history and the policing of remembrance

January 17 marked the 55th anniversary of the US- and Belgian-orchestrated assassination of Patrice Lumumba, the first democratically elected prime minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo.



Racism:The Achilles Heel of  Middle-Class Liberalism

Wasn’t Charlie Hebdo once something to do with the left, loosely a product of a previous upsurge of social struggle many years ago?



Richest 62 people as wealthy as half of the world’s population, says Oxfam


The vast and growing gap between rich and poor has been laid bare in a new Oxfam report showing that the 62 richest billionaires own as much wealth as the poorer half of the world’s population.




India in talks to open ports, bases to US military


According to Indian media reports, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government has begun discussions with the US on a military Logistics Support Agreement (LSA).




Gig Economy Workers Need Benefits and Job Protections. NOW.

In the US, we lump workers into two categories, employee or independent contractor, neither of which were designed for Fasil Teka.



Adelson newspaper suggests Swedish foreign minister deserves assassination for questioning Israeli policy

Swedish Foreign Minister Wallstrom may be assassinated, suggests Israeli Former Chairman of the Pedagogic Secretary of the Education Ministry.



At Least 12 Migrants, Including 8 Children, Drown Off Greece: Coastguard

The bodies of twelve migrants, including eight children, were discovered off the Greek island of Samos on Thursday after their boat capsized, the Greek coastguard said.



Seeking solutions for 60 million Americans who lack home Internet

After the library has closed and most students have gone, Bridgid Skiba lingers, finishing her homework with the wireless Internet still leaking through the building’s shuttered doors.



Forward to a cold war future ?


In the face of the ongoing global economic crisis, with massive unemployment and a wage and welfare gap continuing to grow, the remnants of communist parties around the world see a chance of again becoming major, even leading, political forces.




Black Like Me founder adopts a white agenda


The DA this past weekend, unveiled its city of Johannesburg mayoral candidate as businessman Herman Mashaba.




Is silencing the racist good for democracy?

Do racists have the right to freedom of expression or free speech? When should we consider their perspectives hate speech? Who gets to decide whether a racist opinion is harmful?.



PBS “Mine Wars” documentary tells a complex tale


For decades, the history of the West Virginia Mine Wars was forgotten, suppressed and denied on many fronts, including in the very history books taught within the state.




The privatization of the Piraeus Port Authority in Greece: What’s really happening


Greek trade unionist Anastasia Frantzeskaki made this contribution on the situation of the port of Piraeus to the panel discussion organized by the parliamentary group of the German Left Party (die Linke) at the Bundestag on 2.11.2015, on the topic of privatization of electricity, ports and railways in Greece




Low Pay Walkout Shuts Hundreds of Schools

Hundreds of schools were shut down yesterday as over 11,000 teachers from more than 700 schools went on strike for higher salaries and larger school budgets.




To Fight Back Against Companies Like Uber, Workers Need Organizing—Not Technocratic Fixes

What are U.S. workers to do about the problems presented by the gig economy? The past year saw a number of prominent liberals offer policy ideas to mitigate the worst elements of precarious employment.


Vladimir Putin accuses Lenin of placing a ‘time bomb’ under Russia

Vladimir Putin has denounced Lenin and his Bolshevik government for their brutal repressions and accused him of having placed a “time bomb” under the state.



How Facebook Stumbled On Its Quest to Give Internet Away For Free

 A history of Facebook’s highly controversial, completely audacious, and possibly best-intentioned program, Free Basics.