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E-NEWS BULLETIN 6 July 2018 Links to present possibilities


WCS leadershipDecisions of leadership meeting convened to prepare for Working Class Summit

A meeting of 40 unions and civil society formations was convened by the South African Federation of Trade Unions on 28–29 June 2018 to broaden participation and to shape of the agenda of the Working Class Summit to be held on 21- 22 July 2018 at the University of Johannesburg Soweto Campus.

mashishiSAMWU Mourns its Founding President

Comrade Petrus Mashishi passed away at his home in Soweto this morning at age 72. omrade Mashishi was elected SAMWU President at its inaugural congress in 1987 following a merger of a number of unions including the Transport and General Workers’ Union (TGWN) which he was a shopsteward of.

gp hi courtCost order against NGO weakens democracy

South African History Archive has been ordered to pay costs for litigating against a government entity after their request for access to documents concerning apartheid era economic crimes was rejected by the Reserve Bank and the Gauteng High Court.

uber-protestNo sign of Uber management as frustrated drivers reach headquarters

Hundreds of uber drivers have gathered outside Uber’s Sandton headquarters. Many drivers in Johannesburg and Cape Town have decided to go offline on Tuesday to protest working conditions.

terry-bellThe long road to decent work

Workers of the world, women and men, sellers of labour and creators and maintainers of wealth and services, want and need to be treated equally and decently.

The reality of white privilege in SA

‘I was born into this system, the son of a railway worker, an English speaker in an almost exclusively Afrikaans neighbourhood. But while the legacy of the Anglo-Boer war continued to be fought out among ourselves as children, we shared common privileges’ – Terry Bell.



trump babyTrump UK visit: Tube strike to hit London Underground as US President arrives, announces RMT union

Drivers on parts of the London Underground are set to strike on the day of Donald Trump’s visit to the UK The National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers said staff would stage a walkout over working conditions and staffing.

obradorMexico Elects Leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador In Landslide

Mexico elected leftist candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador in a landslide victory on Sunday, according to exit polls showing the former mayor with double-digit leads over his competitors.

trainstationGermany Is Planning Free Public Transit to Fight Air Pollution

Germany’s plan to reduce pollution also includes lowering emissions from buses and taxis, creating low-emissions zones, and car-sharing programs. But ticketless train rides are at the heart of the plan.

mun-jun hyeokKorean Young activist protests minimum wage act amendment through humor and creativity

Mun Jun-hyeok, 18 is the founder of the National Moomin Confederation of Trade Unions. The Minmoo Confederation’s flag portrays the eponymous Moomins, characters from a Finnish comic book.

clean-clothes-campaignUNIQLO makes Federer cry: Federer’s new sponsor UNIQLO pays him millions, but refuses wages to workers

Since 2015, 2,000 laid-off Indonesian workers who made clothes for Roger Federer’s new sponsor, UNIQLO, and other companies have been waiting for $5.5-million of unpaid wages and severance pay.

[PODCAST] Highlights from the Poor People’s Campaign against Poverty, Racism & Militarism in Washington DC

The Poor People’s Campaign closed a biblical 40 days of actions across the United States with a rally in Washington DC. Flanked by giant banners that read, “Fight Poverty, Not the Poor,” Poor People’s Campaign Co-Chairs the Revs. Dr. William Barber and Dr. Liz Theoharis issued a call to action to the poor and disenfranchised people. Listen to the 28.03 minutes of highlights.



PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan khan al-ahmarAshrawi on Israeli plans to demolish Khan al-Ahmar community: “Intervention from the international community can no longer wait”

The expulsion of Palestinian families then and now and the forcible transfer of our indigenous population to a state of homelessness and despair is completely unacceptable.

west-banksyThe ‘One Democratic State Campaign’ program for a multicultural democratic state in Palestine/Israel

Any possibility of a viable Palestinian state in the OPT has long been buried under the massive “facts on the grounds.” The two-state solution nonetheless continues to be the solution-of-choice of governments.


Local news from Khayelitsha, East London, Port Elizabeth, Alexandra and Orange Farm in English and isiXhosa

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The tiny union beating the gig economy giants

A grassroots fightback is helping to win basic rights for couriers, cleaners and other workers on zero-hours contracts. And the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain is showing how unions can thrive again.







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