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E-NEWS BULLETIN 16 November 2018 Links to present possibilities


mabola-wetlandsCourt overturns state’s approval of controversial coal mine

The government’s hush-hush approval last year of a new coal mine within a critical biodiversity and water conservation area in Mpumalanga has been reversed by the North Gauteng High Court.

csaawuUnion celebrates victory in fruit processing plant dispute

The Commercial, Stevedoring, Agricultural and Allied Workers’ Union has gained organisational rights at fruit processing plant Two-a-Day in Grabouw. The company only relented after a threatened strike and mediation by the CCMA. It is a major victory as the Two-a-Day Group comprises more than 50 farms

r2k-logoWe are concerned SOS-logoabout the culture of sexual harassment within the SABC!

In this joint statement, R2K and SOS raise concerns about an endemic culture of sexual harassment within the corridors of the SABC, believing that the culture of silence around the matter is a cause for concern and inhibits the institution from dealing effectively with the scourge.

srwp-logoNumsa party could be a political force

The National Union of Metalworkers of SA has launched its own political party. It has the potential to be a political force — if it can resolve its contradictions.

[listen] The Socialist Revolutionary Workers’ Party – Is this the genuine working class alternative?

Workers On Wednesday this week looked at the newest party on the block that has registered to contest next year’s general election. It is numsathe NUMSA initiated Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party that was seeded when the union adopted a few ground-breaking political resolutions at its special congress in December 2013.



1918-black-US-soldiers‘Black soldiers were expendable – then forgettable’

With the centenary of the First World War commemorated this week, the role played by the four million non-white non-Europeans who fought and laboured on the western front – and in other theatres of the war in Africa, the Middle East and Asia – should not be airbrushed out of the popular history of the first world worst .

cleanclothesEuropean Parliament slams Bangladesh Government on human rights

An EU resolution calls on Bangladesh to address a multitude of human rights abuses such as the ongoing crackdown on freedom of expression and association, extra judicial killings, enforced disappearances, excessive use of force, anti-union discrimination and other labour rights abuses.

trickledownThe Rich Get Richer: 2017 Was Best Year for Billionaires in Recorded History With U.S. Leading the Way

Billionaires around the world enjoyed their most profitable period in recorded history, increasing their wealth by around 20 percent in 2017 as the gap between the super-rich and the rest of humanity continued to widen.


shrinking space & BDSIsrael’s $72m ‘war chest’ to fight BDS arrives in Europe

Israel has little interest in countering BDS using grassroots efforts, which has been the backbone of the Palestinian boycott movement for years. Instead, the Israeli government has invested in persuading US, European and other western legislators, political parties and governments, in the hope of designating BDS – and any call for boycott – as an anti-Semitic one, punishable by law.

Shrinking Space and the BDS movement

A widening pattern of repression of social movements has taken shape around the world. Everywhere, space for dissent is shrinking rapidly. A new report published by the Transnational Institute examines the legal and political pressure exerted on the BDS Movement, a global campaign aimed at pressuring Israel to end human rights violations.

palestiniansMainstream media on Gaza: Israelis get killed, but Palestinians merely ‘die’

An article carried in the Guardian about the Israeli incursion into Gaza that precipitated the latest bombardment of the area showed up the Western media’s hierarchy of resulting deaths. An Israeli officer was “killed” during the raid, yet the seven Palestinians killed merely “died” from presumably unknown cause.

bolton netanyahuIsrael’s Mockery of Security: 101 Actions Israel Could Take

What can Israel do to improve its insecurity? Sam Bahour lists 101 actions the Israeli state can take which together comprise a detailed sampling of what the Israeli military occupation means from ground zero.

chomskyChomsky echoes prominent Israeli, warns of the rise of ‘Judeo-Nazi tendencies’ in Israel

The renowned political dissident, linguist and scholar repeated warnings given by Yeshayahu Leibowitz, an Israeli public intellectual, biochemist and polymath, concerning the dehumanising effect of Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestine on the victims and the oppressors.

The Israeli government wants to use Bollywood stars to whitewash its oppression against Palestinians. Four famous Bollywood actors are due to perform in apartheid Israel. The event has been postponed once already. Join us in urging them to refuse to participate.

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a-cleaner‘The Cleaners’ Looks At Who Cleans Up The Internet’s Toxic Content

Thousands of content moderators work around the clock to ensure that Facebook, YouTube, Google and other online platforms remain free of toxic content. A new documentary, The Cleaners, seeks to get to the bottom how that work is done. The film follows five content moderators and uncovers what their jobs actually entail.

ligovsky-av-petersburgHow to Become a “Russian Expert” on Facebook in a Matter of Weeks!

Facebook allows self-promotion so that anyone with an opinion can be deemed an expert if they follow a script. To be an expert on anything Russian, forget learning the language or visiting the country. It’s just enough to claim that “the Russians” are behind literally everything untoward that happens in the world.



debeauvoir-sartre-guevaraThe Philosophy of Our Time

Nearly forty years after his death in 1980, the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre is best remembered as the father of existentialism. But though his political activity from the end of World War II until his death, Sartre sustained a rich engagement with Marxism which offers a radical philosophical foundation for today’s revitalized critiques of capitalism.



climate-actSouth Africa’s climate target not in line with Paris Agreement, according to G20 climate action report

If all other governments were to follow South Africa’s level of ambition when it comes to cutting carbon dioxide emissions, it would lead to the planet warming up by between 3°C and 4°C above pre-industrial levels. This is among the key findings in the latest G20 Brown to Green Report compiled by Climate Transparency, a global partnership of 14 climate research organisations and NGOs from the majority of G20 countries.

bayerBayer CEO: Roundup Weedkiller Cancer Victims Are ‘Nuisances’

There are about 8,700 lawsuits pending against Monsanto, by people who allege that exposure to Roundup weedkiller is responsible for their cancer—or they have family members who have already died from the disease.

[watch] Red Green Revolution – presentations by Victor Wallis

Victor Wallis earned his doctorate in Political Science from Columbia University. He presents his views from research for his newly published book on Eco-Socialism “a highly readable, compelling, and essential book, a must read for everyone who cares about the fate of the earth in this era of capitalist implosion with socialism no longer a possible alternative, but rather a requirement for survival” (Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz)







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