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E-NEWS BULLETIN 28 April 2017
Your weekly round up of alternative news you ought to know



Coligny residents take up arms as houses are set alight after attack on boy

The small farming town of Coligny, North West, resembled a war zone on Tuesday afternoon with large clouds of smoke billowing from different parts of town. All entry points into town were guarded by armed white men who said they were protecting their properties.


Don’t rule out airport, freeway disruptions on May Day

The Seattle City Council unanimously approved a resolution Monday allowing city employees to take an unpaid day off to participate in May Day demonstrations. One Council member is still suggesting protestors take it up a notch noting that on May Day “we will need disruptive actions like shutting down airports, like shutting down highways.”

The Inequality Project: the Guardian’s in-depth look at our unequal world

Inequality is all around us – some all-too visible, much of it obscure and insidious. Experts are lining up in ever-greater numbers to warn of its harmful effects – from Professor Stephen Hawking to Christine Lagarde.

Why Not a Probe of ‘Israel-gate’?

netanyahu-aipacAs Official Washington fumes about Russia-gate, Israel’s far more significant political-influence-and-propaganda campaigns are ignored.


Robots, not immigrants, are taking American jobs

A White House report released in December says 83% of U.S. jobs in which people make less than $20 per hour are now, or soon will be, subject to automation.


The wicked myth of a black colonial invasion – distortions kindled by European colonisers

In today’s highly charged political arena erroneous claims are made, using terms like ‘First People’ and/or alternatively ‘First Nation’, that bear little credibility to the facts about who the ‘First People’ are in the South African context and more broadly indeed in Africa. When we talk about “First People” without any political baggage then we can only mean the emergence of Homo Sapiens (humans) on the continent.


Eight Free Films by Dziga Vertov, Creator of Soviet Avant-Garde Documentaries

Has any filmmaker, of any era, had more influence on documentaries than Dziga Vertov, just by virtue of his 1929 Man with a Movie Camera alone.


[ebook] The ragged trousered philanthropists – Robert Tressell

The Ragged Trousered Philanthrophists follows construction worker Frank Owen trying to convince others about socialism, a figure based on Tressell himself.