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E-NEWS BULLETIN 21 April 2017
Your weekly round up of alternative news you ought to know



R2K calls on Parliament to act against death threats to Parliamentarian!

The Right2Know campaign is deeply concerned at the apparent failure by law enforcement agencies to act on a complaint lodged by Parliament on behalf of ANC MP Dr Makhosi Khoza about death threats issued against her by a Mpumalanga hospital executive.

25 New SABC shockers-in staffers’ own wordssabc-auckland-park

SABC workers inside a jam-packed SABC auditorium, including tele-linked in provincial personnel, spoke up in front of the new SABC interim board and parliament’s portfolio committee on communications that visited the SABC.

Mega-mergers: 3 giant corporations controlling South Africa’s food and farming systems

Dow Chemical and DuPont are set to merge, and China National Chemical Corporation (ChemChina) is to acquire Syngenta and Bayer is to acquire Monsanto. The proposed Bayer-Monsanto merger will give control of almost 30% of the world’s commercial seed market and almost 25% of the world’s commercial pesticide and herbicide (agrochemical) markets to just one company — African Centre for Biodiversity report (pdf).

Ripples from San Juan: Fighting against austerity and modern-day colonialism

Drawing lessons for the #FeesMustFall movement from the student movement leading an indefinite strike at the University of Puerto Rico.


Donald Trump’s Multi-Pronged Attack on the Internet

The Federal Communications Commission is set to give the five top telecoms companies in the United States free rein.

Argentina’s Teachers Strike, with Fate of Country’s Workers in Balance

For five weeks teachers in Argentina have been on strike almost continuously, using the days they do go to school to explain to students and parents the reasons for their conflict with the national government.

The Return of Commercial Prison Labour

…About 15% of the inmates in federal and state US prisons perform work for companies such as Boeing, Starbucks and Victoria’s Secret. Migrants detained for violating immigration laws are one of the fastest growing segments of prison labour. Under the Trump administration, their numbers are most likely to increase.


Why We Are on Hunger Strike in Israel’s Prisons

palestine-prisoner-familiesSome 1,000 Palestinian prisoners have decided to take part in this hunger strike, which begins today, the day we observe here as Prisoners’ Day.

The Huffington Ghost: A New Low For SA Media
HuffingtonPost published an article called “Could It Be Time To Deny White Men The Franchise?” that proved to be a manufactured piece of provocation deliberately intended to show the vacuousness of online journalism and the lucre of clickbait.

Real Journalist Shreds CNN On Air Over Syria Coverage

Journalism faces a crisis worldwide – we might be entering a new dark age
Almost anyone can use the worldwide web to be a media outlet, so how will we differentiate between truth, myth and lies? – from the perspective of the gutting of Australian journalism.


The NGO-ization of resistance

by Arundhati Roy
A hazard facing mass movements is the NGO-ization of resistance. Of course, there are NGOs doing valuable work. But it’s important to consider the NGO phenomenon in a broader political context.

Origins of the police

In England and the United States, the police were invented within the space of just a few decades — roughly from 1825 to 1855.