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E-NEWS BULLETIN 5 April 2019 Links to present possibilities


cosatuCosatu backs UIF changes

The new amendments to the Unemployment Insurance Act that seek to improve the lives of UIF beneficiaries. Since March workers can claim unemployment benefit up to 12 months if they worked for a continuous three-year period.

habibAn open letter to the readers of Adam Habib’s ‘Rebels and Rage’

“The vice-chancellor of the University of the Witwatersrand has written a book. It reflects on his experiences of the historic movement of students and workers, and the protests, of 2015-16 that played out partly at our institution.” Academics cited in the book write back.

myvoteountsMy Vote Counts notes the Independent Electoral Commission’s decision to delay the Political Party Funding Act

The Independent Electoral Commission postponed the implementation of the Political Party Funding Act, signed by the President on 23 January 2019.

Local news from Khayelitsha, East London, Port Elizabeth, Alexandra and Orange Farm in English and isiXhosa

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fatimaA new and precarious life begins after Cyclone Idai

The cyclone affected 272,656 people in Mozambique, with nearly 12,000 people having to be moved to camps and resettlements. Food is scarce and relief aid is not reaching people far from distribution centres.

russian redsThousands protest in Russia in defense of workers’ rights

The rallies have been organized in the wake of simmering discontent in the country against Vladimir Putin’s anti-dissent legislation and controversial pension reforms.

us-immigrationAmerica’s Dirty War on Immigrant Children

There is an emergency; rather, a humanitarian catastrophe at the U.S. Southern Border. It is also a demographic, political and moral catastrophe.Nine months after a federal judge ordered the Trump administration to reunite thousands of immigrant children taken from their parents at the border, the whereabouts of thousands of children remains unresolved.

seiu-demoProgressives Fight Back Against Centrist Democrats’ Ploy to ‘Water Down’ $15 Minimum Wage Bill

A caucus of progressive legislators in the U.S. is fighting back against an attempt by centrist Democrats to undercut the push for a $15 federal minimum wage with legislation that would allow lower hourly pay in “rural areas.”

[podcast] Thousands of New York nurses take to the street in threat of major strike

After years of complaints, understaffing has become the major point of conflict between the nurses union and private hospitals.

streeck‘The EU is an empire’

An interview by the John Bull-British publication Spiked with economic sociologist Professor Wolfgang Streeck on why the EU is a liberal empire that Britain should leave.

kerala-migrantsHow economics is serving to camouflage imperialism

The intellectual hegemony of mainstream bourgeois economics, by invariably seeing capitalism as a self-contained closed system, serves to obscure the phenomenon of imperialism.

nagaEgypt’s Brutal Crackdown on Workers’ Rights

Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is crushing all dissent within Egypt’s traditionally powerful trade union movements, which have historically fought the British colonial power as well as the Nasser and Sadat regimes, and which played a powerful but tragically disregarded role in the revolution which destroyed the dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak.

bangladeshi-workersBangladesh Government’s Safety Inspection Agencies Not Ready to Take Over Accord’s Work

The government of Bangladesh is using proceedings before the Supreme Court of Bangladesh to prevent the Accord on Fire and Building Safety from operating, thereby putting workers’ safety at risk.

bolivian-farmerBolivia to Be Completely Food Independent in 2020 by Investing in Small Farmers

With an increase of 25 percent in food production reported since 2014, and the aim being to sustain this growth rate for the coming year, it seems the country is not too far off from reaching its ambitious aim.

world-bankWorld Bank’s Legal Immunity Stripped, Opening Door for Lawsuits

For the World Bank, it means that it now faces a suit by members of a fishing community in Mundra, India, who contend that their homes and livelihoods were damaged by pollution from a coal power plant that was financed by the bank’s private sector lending arm, the Washington, D.C.-based International Finance Corporation.

lulaYou Can’t Have Democracy When You Put the Truth in Prison

A newsletter from the Tricontinental Institute for Social Research in India that commemorates the first anniversary of former Brazilian president Lula’s imprisonment. Without retreading the well-worn, how would anyone stop forgetting?



chavistaInside the neoliberal laboratory preparing for the theft of Venezuela’s economy

The academic laboratory of the Venezuelan coup has the highest academic pedigree of all. The Centre for International Development, based at Harvard, is plotting the fate of the country.

Abdulhay Ahmed Saloojee memorial lecture 2019

Friday 5 April | 6 – 9 pm

With Michael Löwy and the Venezuelan Ambassador, Ms Mairin Moreno Merida

Video on WWMP and
Labour Show Facebook pages
Audio Radio 786 and
broadcast live on 100.4FM


sisuluPretoria permanently withdraws its ambassador from Israel

The South African government has implemented what International Relations Minister Sisulu calls “stage one” of its programme of downgrading relations with Israel, by withdrawing its ambassador from Tel Aviv permanently.

gaza-maimedA slow death: Are Israeli forces instituting a deliberate campaign to maim in Gaza?

There’s something distinctly cynical about Israel’s targeting of people’s legs in Palestine’s march for freedom.

modi-netanyahuRobert Fisk Exposes Israel’s Hidden Role in the Brewing India-Pakistan Conflict

Israel’s export of Zionist nationalism and neocolonialism — and the accompanying oppression that in practice actually helps to create many of the very terrorist groups they fight against — is just as dangerous as its export of arms.



check-inWeapons, armour and fear at San Franscisco airport

A former chief technology officer at web-browser firm Mozilla who moved to Apple last year who is an advocate for online privacy and encryption, filed a civil-rights complaint against federal authorities over his alleged treatment by U.S. Customs and Border Protection at San Francisco International Airport late last year.

faith-nazi-goldyFacebook Says White Nationalist Video Doesn’t Break New Policy Against White Nationalism

When shown a racist, fear-mongering video by Canadian Faith Goldy, a Facebook spokesperson said it would have no problem with it being posted.

not-ok-google‘Bias deep inside the code’: the problem with AI ‘ethics’ in Silicon Valley

As algorithms play a growing role in consumption, criminal justice, education and more, don’t expect the tech to be fair and colour blind.



tenganiMozambique after cyclone IDAI: “People know this is climate chaos”

“We know that, in Mozambique, we are on the front line of climate breakdown. The poor and the most vulnerable will always be the ones to suffer from climate-related disasters. This is what we’re witnessing right now in Mozambique.”

mosquitoClimate Crisis Could Expose Half a Billion More People to Tropical Mosquito-Borne Diseases by 2050

“Climate change is going to kill a lot of people. Mosquito-borne diseases are going to be a big way that happens.”

global-seed-bank‘We Can’t Trust the Permafrost Anymore’: Doomsday Vault at Risk in Norway

Just over a decade after it first opened, the world’s “doomsday vault” of seeds is imperiled by climate change as the polar region where it’s located warms faster than any other area on the planet.

plasticsDangerous Plastics Are a Threat to Us and Future Generations

Why a legally binding treaty cannot be postponed. A 2004 study of 2,517 people found that 93% had detectable quantities of BPA’s by-product in their urine.






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