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Press release: National and foreign grooms unite in struggle

This Friday 10th of March at 11 am, the progressive movement of Grooms will hold action at the Turffontein Race course. The workers oppose how Phumelela Gaming and Leisure is dividing workers using their nationality.

 In the wake of the xenophobic violence outbreak all over the country, but in particular in the nearby area of Rosettenville, the worker call upon their brothers to join the union whatever their nationality.

Victor Ndwashu, Grooms representative in Turffontein, explains: “We are all workers and we all have the same interests. Dividing us only puts us in competition with each other. We all do the same Job, we should all get the same pay!”

Workers have thus invited the African Diaspora Forum, the United front and NUMSA to address the workers. Their objective is to underline that it is by uniting that they will secure a better life for all. They also want to stress that whatever passport a worker carries he has the same rights as any other.

“When a worker is paid a different wage, it just fuels anger and frustration between us. The ones that are better paid are being told that others are cheaper, while the others feel discriminated for doing the same job but being payed less.”, Victor adds. “and while we fight amongst ourselves, everybody’s wage goes down”. United we will change that.

The workers also see their initiative as a part of the response to recent the recent outbreak of xenophobic violence. “Poverty, unemployment are real problems, like our working conditions, but it is through solidarity and not hate that we will solve them!”. They will also call on workers, of all nationality, to march together during the 28th of March demonstration for solidarity and against xenophobia.