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Founding of Uzwi Hip Hop

Uzwi Is founded by Sabelo Nciyo, Hip Hop activist and resident of Khayelitsha’s J-Section. Uzwi (isiXhosa) means “word”, where “school” reflects the physical intention of the project. Uzwi Hip Hop School will be an information centre (music, literature, philosophy, focusing on empowering youth through afterschool and event activities derived from the culture of Hip-Hop.

Uzwi Hip Hop School aims to:

  • broadens the youth’s view of the contents in the literature of hip hop
  • enlighten youth about the culture of Hip Hop
  • highlight the fundamental of the culture within the community
  • to use Hip-Hop as a vehicle for positive ambition
  • encourage independent creativity
  • break barrier that cause anti-social behaviour among youth i.e. gangsterism

Screening Festival

In celebration of Hip Hop History Month, November, Uzwi Hip Hop School and local duet Impiz Click of Soul, aim to educate the public of Khayelitsha about the positive element of the artform and how the youth can equip themselves with character-enhancing lifeskills.

The event programme will focus on the following:

  • Literature – poetry, music, books
  • Film Screening – documentaries for discussions and dialogues,
  • Guest Talks – artists, local and international, in the art form, motivating through relating experience
  • creative writing, media training, learning outcomes
  • encouraging  critical thinking
  • promote self-awareness
  • empower ambition among youth
  • inspire positive goal setting

We invite facilitators, volunteers and students to participate to the event. The initiative will further contribute toward raising funds for the registration of the organisation and a percentage for renting the venue.  To achieve this goal, Uzwi Hip Hop requests cooperation and assistance.