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14 November 2016

To the family, friends, comrades and colleagues of Henry Odugala


Just over ten years ago, we first met Henry when he was delegated by the Nigeria Labour Congress to serve the federation as one of two country representatives to the Labour Community Media Project (LCMP) which we led and co-ordinated.

The project was about improving and developing the labour media capacity of the various trade union centres of the different regions on the continent. It was about reaching out to and empowering the ordinary trade union members locally and strengthening our collective response to the challenges brought about by neo-liberal capitalist globalisation. In other words the project sought to strengthen our international solidarity on a pan-African basis. Henry immediately fully embraced the project and became one of its leading and committed participants. For him the project embodied some of his key political beliefs and principles, namely that the interests of ordinary workers are our primary concern and only through strong international bonds and solidarity would we be able to defend against deteriorating living and working conditions as well as oppressive governments.

He promoted the project in Nigeria as best as he could. He was always a vocal and active participant with a wonderfully warm personality, spiced with a great sense of humour and sharp wit. He was an invaluable asset to the labour movement and we were lucky to have him in our midst as a comrade and friend.

Henry Odugala was a good man and a decent human being. 

Long live the spirit of Henry Odugala, long live!

Yours in solidarity.

Martin Jansen

Workers’ World Media Productions