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0n the 30th of April a proposed new federation led by NUMSA held a workers summit. About 400 workers converged in Birchwood conference centre in Boksburg. Vavi claimed that the new federation has already amassed 50 affiliate unions with over 1,000,000 members.

According to Vavi this journey started in 2015 when 26 unions met with FEDUSA and NACTU on the 26 of September 2015 and agreed on the unity.

Solidarity has been preached by all unions and federations, but there has been no action. Currently there are about 180 registered unions in the country and more than 300 unregistered unions. This is because unions to seem to be talking to the workers who matters the most the youth.

Amongst all the workers in the country only 24% are unionized whilst 76% is ununionised. This is before the fragmented nature of unions in the country. Only permanent workers  are members of unions and are most in government and mines. Most members are old, male, and African.