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Equal Education and Workers’ World Media Productions public seminar

WHEN:   Thursday 23 June
TIME:      6 – 8.30pm
WHERE: Isivivana Centre
(cnr of Julius Tsolo and Mzala streets, Khayelitsha)


  • Dinga Sikwebu (Activist),
  • Ntuthuzo Nzomo (Equal Education – Deputy GS)
  • Martin Jansen (WWMP – Director/Editor)


The student uprisings that started in June 1976 is regarded as the historical moment that ushered in a new and higher phase of resistance and struggle against Apartheid. It came after a lull in the mass movement after the repression of the 1950’s and 60’s and the major Durban and Johannesburg strikes in 1973 that later led to the formation of the new trade union movement that gave birth to Cosatu and Nactu.

Today, despite the new democracy of the post-Apartheid era since 1994, much of Apartheid’s legacy still remains in terms of poverty and inequality. Protests and resistance have remained a strong feature in the new South Africa but socio-economic improvements for the masses have been limited accompanied by declining living standards continues. Along with many local service delivery protests and strikes for more than a decade, this has recently given birth to the #FeesmustFall campaign that saw a successful resistance to increased university fees in 2016.

The mass student uprising in June 1976 arose to resist the imposition of Afrikaans as the language medium of schooling. It soon became a widespread resistance to Apartheid and spawned demands for equal and quality education. The seminar will look at the 1976 students’ uprising, assess its relevance and draw lessons for our issues and struggles today – 40 years later. Do we need and what prospects are there for a new mass movement today? What is to be Done?