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Your weekly round up of alternative news you ought to know 17 June 2016

16 June magazine lives again

Three decades ago, a small team of a radical adult literacy magazine was putting the finishing touches to their latest edition,  Learn and Teach magazine number 4, 1986. On its cover was the iconic photo by Sam Nzima of the first reported fatal incidents of 16 June 1976, the injured and dying Hector Pieterson in the arms of Mbuyisa Makhuba, and running anxiously alongside, Antoinette Sithole. read more… http://www.gro


Hlaudi’s take on June 16

On Thursday, June 17 1976, readers in Johannesburg would have picked up a copy of a local daily, Die Transvaler, and been confronted with a story told in four photographs.

They were aerial shots of a burning truck, two side-on images of white men with bleeding ears and bloodied faces, and one glossy memorial portrait of Dr Melville Edelstein, the only white man to die in Soweto on June 16.   read more… http://www.bdl

In Salt River gentrification often means eviction

Noeraan Dreyer has been on a housing list for 10 years. For the past 11 years, she has lived in an old, corner building in Alfred Road, a stone’s throw away from Salt River Circle and the Old Biscuit Mill. She lives with her husband, who works as a painter in the area, three children of her own, and three grandchildren. In her spare time, she bakes fancy pastries, has tea with her neighbours and goes out of her way to see her son’s soccer matches. read more… http://www.gro


Glebelands service delivery pipe dreams

“They want us to keep voting for Mzobe’s cabinet while they keep us living in shit like pigs. If my kids get sick from this, can I take them to the ANC? No, I must sort it out myself!” – angry Glebelands resident

Block R residents have lost track of how many times the ground floor pipe has burst. The problem was first reported on 5 December 2015, then again on 6 February 2016, on 19, 21 and 31 March and many, many times since then. read more… http://www.r2k


Yes, Native Americans Were the Victims of Genocide

This paper, written under the title, “U.S. Settler-Colonialism and Genocide Policies,” was delivered at the Organization of American Historians 2015 Annual Meeting in St. Louis, MO on April 18, 2015. read more… http://his


The walls have eyes: CCTV camera tormenting drives worker over the edge

Experts point to alarming trend of companies using surveillance camera monitoring to suppress organised labour. ” I’m so worried about those damn cameras. It makes me crazy to think my every move is being monitored. I’d like to smash them with a hammer. How long am I going to have to eat alone?” (August 27, 2014). read more… http://eng


After Rousseff’s Impeachment, Temer’s Interim Government Deepens Attacks on Brazilian Workers

Last May 23, the Minister of Planning, Budget, and Management, Romério Jucá (PMDB [1]), one of the main leaders of the campaign to impeach President Dilma Roussef, was exonerated by the interim coupist president, Michel Temer. In a recording made by his colleague, Senator Sergio Machado (PMDB), Jucá admitted that the need to remove Dilma from office was in order to put an end to the “Operation Car Wash” (Operação Lava Jato) investigation. read more… http://www.the

This government competition could completely change the American city

Uber is about to build a vast, high-tech playground in one of this city’s poorest areas.

The ride-hailing giant wants a protected place to test driverless Ubers, part of its effort to replace costly human drivers.  read more… https://www.was


UN criticises UK for spending aid money on for-profit private schools

The UK’s role in funding for-profit private schools in the developing world has come under attack by the UN, which fears the spike in private, “low-fee” schools in poor countries could undermine the sustainable development goal of inclusive and equitable education for all by 2030.   read more… http://www.theg


After teleSUR, Another Victim of Argentina’s Censorship: RT

Russia Today has been broadcasting in Argentina since an agreement with Russian President Vladimir Putin was reached in October 2014.

The administration of Mauricio Macri under the Argentine body managing the state media in the country decided Friday to suspend the Russia Today TV channel from broadcasting in the country.   read more… http://www.tele


Bolivia rejects chicken donation from Bill Gates, calls for apology from Microsoft co-founder

Bill Gates’ coop dreams have been dashed. Bolivia’s government has rejected a donation of chickens from the billionaire tech magnate, who planned to send 100,000 fowls to impoverished countries in an effort to end world poverty.

“How can he think we are living 500 years ago, in the middle of the jungle not knowing how to produce?” Bolivian Development Minister Cesar Cocarico told reporters, according to Reuters.   read more… http://www.nyd

Teachers Take to Streets against Boss Snooping

Mexican teachers protesting against mandatory performance evaluations blockaded streets, a shopping mall and even train tracks in the western state of Michoacan on Wednesday.

They blocked entrances to the Plaza Escala shopping mall in the state capital and gathered on at least one railway crossing, obstructing trains.  read more… http://www.mor