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E-NEWS BULLETIN 3 August 2018 Links to present possibilities


highwireHuge number of job cuts on the way at Eskom: report

Eskom chairman Jabu Mabuza has stressed the need for the state entity to shed jobs. A report in the Sunday Times, said that Eskom will release a restructuring plan in September 2018, including how it will deal with job cuts.

The transition from fossil fuels to renewables will come at a cost, but that cost must be shared by all stakeholders. It must be a transition that is sustainable and, ultimately, does not negatively affect the next generation and their ability to survive.

terry-bellWe did not steal the billions, so why should we have to pay?

Terry Bell writes: We did not steal the billions, so why should we have to pay? That is the attitude of many trade unionists, especially in the public sector, as the government tries desperately to establish its ‘Thuma mina’ social compact.

From degree to internship to unemployment – the life of a black graduate

Black graduates are faced with the bitter choice of either working for free, for the bare minimum, or not working at all. For that reason, we need to stop calling it graduate unemployment and call it what it is – black graduate unemployment.

The Right2Protest Project and R2K KZN condemn KZN’s “war on protests”

Right2Know condemns the “war on protest” declared by KZN MEC for Community Safety, Mxolisi Kaunda on Tuesday, 24 July 2018, wherein he suggested that the provincial government will not be visiting communities that are initiating protest action to express their grievances.

mpumalanga coal mine Mining wealth – worth its costs to the environment and affected communities?

For over a century, the mining industry was at the heart of South Africa’s economy. But there remains a scramble by local and foreign investors for our mineral wealth, due its high demand and profitability. However, while our government promotes mining as a job creator and for Black Economic Empowerment, it has come at huge costs to mineworkers, their families, mining communities and the environment.

ramaphosa and saudisSouth Africa’s deadly involvement in the Saudi war on Yemen

South Africa is helping Saudi Arabia develop its own arms manufacturing capacity and is selling it and the UAE weapons to fight in Yemen.

A 1994 pre-election debate between Mandela and de Klerk

On 21 December 1993 President FW de Klerk held a press conference in which he challenged ANC President Nelson Mandela to a pre-election debate on television and radio. “The Great Debate” as media framed it was set for 14 April 1994 and it was seen as a showdown between South Africa’s two political heavy weights.



Sshoprite-windhoekhoprite sues workers for N$4,5-million

The company is demanding that the workers compensate it for an alleged loss of profits, legal costs of court action and disciplinary hearings that followed on a 2015 strike, as well as the costs incurred to employ scabs.

Drop the Unjust Disciplinary Charges Against Shoprite Workers – Boycott Shoprite pamphlet

Over 100 workers at Shoprite in Windhoek have been facing disciplinary charges and possible dismissal for 3 years for taking part in a strike which was provoked by Shoprite’s illegal conduct. The workers are bravely fighting to keep their jobs and they want to be treated with respect and justice at work.



US democratic socialistsSocialism on the Rise as Americans Seek Out Bold, Humane Alternatives to the Brutality of Trump and Capitalism

Socialist groups in the United States are experiencing a surge in popularity, underscoring divisions within the Democratic Party.

nicaraguaNicaragua sees bloodiest clashes yet after months of protest

Nicaragua has been gripped by nationwide protests since April 18, when President Daniel Ortega of the Sandinista Front for National Liberation announced pension cuts and increases in social security contributions dictated by the International Monetary Fund.



NSO groupAmnesty: We Were Targeted With Israeli NSO Cyberweapons

According to the human rights group, an employee has been targeted with surveillance software, adding to a growing number of examples of Israeli technology being used to spy on human rights workers and opposition figures in the Middle East and beyond.

dr swee angDr. Swee Ang and Palestine: the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza

The International Committee for Breaking the Siege of Gaza expressed its concern for the safety of the international solidarity activists who were on board the Gaza-bound Al-Awda boat which was boarded by the Israeli navy on Sunday. Among those assaulted was 69-year-old British activist and orthopaedic consultant Dr. Swee Ang.

ahedPalestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi freed after eight months in Israeli prison

Speaking hours after she was released from an Israeli military jail, after eight months in prison, Ahed thanked her supporters, called for a united Palestine, and highlighted the struggles of female and juvenile prisoners.

self-immolationUNRWA announces layoffs due to Trump cut, setting off chaos in Gaza

Scenes of chaos erupted in Gaza City on Wednesday, after UNRWA — the UN agency responsible for providing services for Palestinian refugees — announced that it would be laying off hundreds of its employees following massive US budget cuts this year.

jerusalemIsrael’s ‘nation-state law’ parallels the Nazi Nuremberg Laws

Having voted in favour of the so-called “nation-state law”, Israeli legislators essentially codified “Jewish supremacy” into law, which effectively mirrors the Nazi-era legislation of ethnoreligious stratification of German citizenry.

Local news from Khayelitsha, East London, Port Elizabeth, Alexandra and Orange Farm in English and isiXhosa

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google biteOrganising Silicon Valley’s Shadow Workforce

Google employees “shadow workers” who are not direct employees and thus do not receive Google’s celebrated benefits. These contractors now outnumber Google’s full-time employees, and they are increasingly discontent with being shut out from Silicon Valley’s meteoric success.

Working for the Richest Man on Earth

This is the reality of what it’s like to work for Amazon – a video released by Bernie Sanders.

UK UBER Drivers Organize & Fight Back With UPH Chair James Farrar

UK UBER drivers are fighting for their rights as workers and organizing with the union United Private Hire (UPH) drivers. It’s chair James Farrar is interviewed about the issues UBER and other temp or gig workers face. UBER lost a lawsuit and was required to treat it’s drivers as employees. They are also part of a new independent trade union federation called the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain. This interview was done on July 26, 2018.

Global Labour University

Masters Programme – “Labour and Development, Economic Policy, Globalisation and Labour”

Applications are now open for the 2019 batch of the GLU Masters programme and the GLU Honours programme in South Africa on Labour and Development at Wits University.

Located within Africa’s leading School of Social Sciences, these GLU programmes have a special focus on “Labour and Development” and aim to build critical capacity and competence for trade unions and labour organizations to engage our complex world in order to improve the position of working people and society.

More information here and on

tekano chev
Applications for the 2nd Cohort of Fellows is now open

Tekano, founded in December 2016, is an organization based at the Isivivana Centre, Khayelitsha and works towards social justice and health equity. The Fellows Programme is composed of 6 face-to-face modules, that will be held every two months from January to December 2019.

Tekano identifies three broad competency areas to develop through all six contact modules and the inter-modular phase. These 3 cross-cutting themes are:

  • Relational leadership (HEART)
  • Conceptual capacity (HEAD)
  • Advocacy and communication skills (HANDS)

Further details can be found here:


Charlie Chaplin – Final Speech from The Great Dictator

“We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery we need humanity. More than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost…”

Hidden Figuras: Jovita Idár

Over a century ago, a young brown journalist named Jovita Idár stood up to Texas Rangers when they came to destroy her press. An educator, journalist, activist and sometimes nurse, Idár is one of the most historically significant Texans that you’ve never heard of.



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