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E-News Bulletin
Friday 26 February 2016
Labour news you cannot afford to miss!

The budget in 10 easy steps

Taxes are up for higher income earners, government spending is controlled and the deficit will be targeted.

Evo Morales Won’t Run in 2019, But MAS Will Carry-On

While Bolivian President Evo Morales will not be allowed to seek another term in office after the “No” vote in Sunday’s national referendum squeaked out a narrow victory over the “Yes” campaign…

A precedent ruling in Jerusalem Labour Court

Zarfati Garage must reinstate WAC MAAN’s Committee chairperson Hatem Abu Ziadeh.  “Dismissed based on false accusation,” Court says.

Argentine Public Services Strike Against Political Sackings

Argentinian police savagely attacked public-sector workers yesterday as they protested against politically motivated sackings by the new right-wing government.

Gupta’s ambitious TV plans in South Africa take a hit

The City Press has reported that the Gupta family’s plan to make ANN7 the main source of news in South Africa has suffered a setback after a legal opinion showed it would not be legal to award it a broadcast licence.

The last job on Earth: imagining a fully automated world

Machines could take 50% of our jobs in the next 30 years, according to scientists. While we can’t predict the future, we can imagine a world without work – one where those who own the tech get rich from it and everyone else ekes out a living, propped up by an increasingly fragile state.

Tech helping fuel S.F.’s growing gender pay gap

About three-quarters of computer and mathematical workers in San Francisco are men, according to census data, a figure that has remained stubbornly static for years.

Apple’s iPhone: the Backdoor Is Already There

The media is erupting over the FBI’s demand that Apple help it decrypt an iPhone belonging to Syed Rizwan Farook, one of the attackers involved in the assault in San Bernardino this past December.

After Facebook, Israeli army censor discovers WhatsApp

A few weeks after it began expanding its reach into ‘new media’ outlets, the IDF Censor is now demanding that police and first responders allow it to supervise information they pass on to journalists through WhatsApp.

2016 Budget: Real pain still to come – AIDC

The 2016/17 budget will hurt, but the real pain is still to come. The Minister of Finance has cleverly deferred the real pain to non-electoral years..


Yes, I Said “National Liberation”

For the past thirty-five years, “Free Palestine” has been etched into my political vocabulary. In the movement circles that nurtured and trained me, “Free Palestine” rolled off the tongue as easily as “Free South Africa,”…


Protests after Aussie workers sacked by text

Workers will continue to protest mass sackings by shipping giant Hutchison Ports Australia, who dumped almost half its workforce with late night text messages.

This Underpaid Silicon Valley Worker Just Got Fired After Blogging About Starving on the Job

A young customer service agent working for Yelp! was fired Friday for an open lettershe wrote to the company’s CEO, Jeremy Stoppelman, pleading with him to give his poverty-stricken employees a livable wage.

150 allegedly ‘burned alive by Turkish military’ during crackdown on Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)

A member of the Turkish parliament from the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party has accused the military of atrocities in Turkey’s southeast, claiming they have ‘burned alive’ more than 150 people trapped in basements.

Uber Drivers Up Against the App

On Super Bowl Sunday, a few hundred Uber drivers met in the cold in a public park in Queens, plotting to disrupt the app that thousands of New Yorkers were about to use to get in place to watch the big game.

The Next Global Financial Fault Line

In the past year the stock markets in China erupted, contracting by nearly 50% in just three months, after having risen in the preceding year by 130%–truly a ‘bubble event’. That collapse, commencing in June 2015, continues despite efforts to stabilise it.


Op-Ed: Reports of radio’s death are greatly exaggerated

The imminent death of radio has been announced regularly since its invention. When television didn’t succeed in finishing it off, the digital age was sure to do the job. The truth is, radio is alive and kicking

Bridging a Digital Divide That Leaves Schoolchildren Behind

Tech barons make billions while school kids get screwed on access.