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Friday 14 August 2015
Labour news you cannot afford to miss !

SOUTH AFRICA: Female mine workers – colleagues not sex objects
“Women working in South African mines are subject to sexual harassment and abuse from male colleagues, says Phumeza Mgengo from IndustriALL Global Union affiliate, the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM).”
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SOUTH AFRICA: Digital Apartheid?
“Those who cannot afford satellite TV will remain stuck in a quagmire of endless terrestrial repeats after SA moves to digital TV.”
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JAPAN: The Struggle Of Japanese Railway Workers Against Privatization/Union Busting/Nuclear Power And The Threat Of Imperialist War In Asia
“The Japanese Abe government is working to crush all political opposition.”
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Global campaign to dethrone Swazi King Mswati III launched
“Organisations campaigning for multi-party democracy in Swaziland have vowed to stage what they call the “mother of all protests” against Africa’s last absolute monarchy.”
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USA: Employee vs. freelancer? Choice is based on outdated laws
“Startups that aim to be the “Uber of …” have multiplied rapidly, applying Uber’s on-demand formula to everything from delivering groceries to cleaning houses.”

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USA: After Nokia Layoffs, Tech Workers in Finland Regroup and Refocus
“Kimmo Kalliola knows the feeling that thousands of Finns have been dealing with over the last couple of years”
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UK: Leftist Corbyn has poll majority
“Jeremy Corbyn pledged to solve Britain’s joblessness crisis yesterday by creating a new Ministry of Labour, after an opinion poll indicated he would win the Labour leadership in the first round of voting.”
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USA: Regime Declares Emergency in Ferguson
“County Chiefs in Ferguson, Missouri, declared a state of emergency on Monday night in the face of civil rights protests.”
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USA: U. of C. professor on the power of hashtags in black activism
“#BlackLivesMatter, #Ferguson, #BillCosby, #SayHerName and  #ConfederateFlag are more than social media hashtags. They’re each the digital equivalent of a rallying cry, amplifying black voices and empowering the next generation of activists.”
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TURKEY: Turkey in danger
“While the Western Press salutes the authorisation given by Turkey to the United States, allowing the US to use its military bases in order to fight Daesh, Thierry Meyssan looks at the nation’s internal tensions.”
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SOUTH AFRICA: The Future of Collective Bargaining in South Africa – Time for a different approach ?
“There have been appeals for a radical change in the approach to collective bargaining in South Africa due to the high incidence of strikes and strike related violence.”
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USA: Driscolls, The Strike And Struggle For Labor & Human Rights At San Quintin By Agricultural Workers
“This March 2015 tens of thousands of San Quintin Baja agricultural workers and their families struck against slave wages and lack of healthcare and basic human services.”

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INTERNATIONAL: IndustriALL Global Union responds to the mining and metals crisis
“IndustriALL Global Union is shocked and alarmed at the massive jobs bloodbath unfolding in the mining and metals sector, ostensibly as a result of the plunge in commodity prizes. The global scale of the massive lay-offs and job cuts is unprecedented.”
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USA: Here Are the Internal Documents that Prove Uber Is a Money Loser
“Uber, Silicon Valley’s prized amoral unicorn, is presumed to be a financial titan and a sure-thing IPO in the near future. Which may be true.”
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INDIA: APMT Mumbai port hunger strike for job security
“Workers in APMT in the port of Mumbai are on hunger strike in support of a group of operations and maintenance staff who APM Terminals is refusing to directly employ.”
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USA: Inside the GOP Clown Car
“On the campaign trail in Iowa, Donald Trump’s antics have forced the other candidates to get crazy or go home.”
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USA: White Vigilantes Raise Tension
“Paramilitary vigilantes took to the streets of the US city of Ferguson on Tuesday as protests against police violence began to wind down?”
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FRANCE: The Rise of Computer-Aided Explanation
“Computers can translate French and prove mathematical theorems. But can they make deep conceptual insights into the way the world works?.”
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USA: The Amazonization of Everything
“Amazon’s success lies in worker exploitation and intrusions into consumers’ private lives..”
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