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Friday 7 August 2015
Labour news you cannot afford to miss !

SOUTH AFRICA: Life at the margins: Cape Town’s sex workers leverage Women’s Month to highlight violence
“Several sex workers have been brutally murdered in and around Cape Town. This week members of the Sex worker Education and Advocacy Taskforce (SWEAT) and Sisonke National Sex Worker Movement of South Africa….”
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SOUTH AFRICA: 20,000 women, for nothing?
“20,000 women marched in 1956 and changed the world. We celebrate them this month. They are certainly worthy..”
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COLOMBIA: Is public transport safe for women?
“As Beatriz Rodriguez leaves her home in Bogota at dawn for work, she braces herself for a 40-minute scrum to get into the bus station and board a bus, and the dangers that come with it. .”
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SOUTH AFRICA: Patel – SA’s mining industry ‘in trouble’
“Economic Development Minister Ebrahim Patel says South Africa’s mining sector is “in trouble” as it struggles to recover from 23 000 job losses since April and falling commodity prices from key markets like China.
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SOUTH AFRICA: COSATU Section 77 Notice Submission to Nedlac
The Congress of South African Trade Unions has today, the 6th August 2016 submitted the Section 77 Notice at the National Economic, Development and Labour Council [NEDLAC] in South Africa.
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SOUTH AFRICA: Mining bosses enjoy wealth accumulation from our mineral resources alone, shove off any “loss” upon workers as soon as the rate of profit declines
“Thousands of workers in South Africa are facing jobs bloodbath. At the centre of the attack on workers, their families and the country is the mining sector and its immediate forward linkage, steel production. Private capital enjoys the fruits of our resources and production alone
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SOUTH AFRICA: Sorting out the farming sector
 “This week is a good time to look at government policies and some of the inadvertent and damaging consequences they can sometimes have, says Terry Bell in his latest Labour Wrap.”
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SOUTH AFRICA: Apartheid’s bitter legacy taints Cape’s new urban removals
“Four hundred and sixty-four squat sheet-metal structures. A gravel precinct. That is all. This is Wolwe-rivier, Cape Town’s newest relocation camp for poor families who have been cleared off land in the name of development.”
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LONDON: Whither Palestine? (Part One)
“Ronnie Kasrils ponders the way forward for Palestine as he pays tribute to the late Egyptian scholar and writer Abdelwahab Elmessiri, an authority on English literature and the Palestinian cause, in excerpts from a commemorative lecture at a Middle East Monitor (MEMO) event in London.”
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RUSSIA: Color Revolution and False Flag Operations by NATO is Now Officially “Undesirable” in Russia
“Vladimir Putin! Now you’ve really done it. You have had the temerity to declare our National Endowment for Democracy (NED), America’s most important Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) to be “undesirable.” Where will this end? “
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USA: Uber using any means necessary to crush attempts to regulate its practices in NYC
“Uber — the $40 billion ride-sharing service and darling of Wall Street — is determined to fight any limits on its Wild West methods. In 2014, the company faced major conflicts in 40 locations around the world, according to one study. “

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INDONESIA: Dockers at risk in Jakarta Port
“Dockers in the Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) are facing a future of uncertainty after the Indonesia Port Company (IPC) made a deal with global network terminal operator Hutchison Port Holdings to let them operate the port for the next 20 years.”
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SOUTH AFRICA: Thousands of jobs at risk – NUM
“South Africa’s largest mining union said on Thursday that 11 000 of its members could lose their jobs under planned cost cutting by mining companies.”
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SOUTH AFRICA: Marikana – justice delayed is justice denied
“The Marikana Commission of Inquiry’s final report gives rise to a number of questions. Where is the body to be headed by senior counsel to investigate the police officers identified as having taken part in the violence?”
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SOUTH AFRICA: Suspended officials are bleeding SA dry
“The salaries of public sector employees eat up nearly 40% of the government’s budget. Curtailing “bloated budgets for employee compensation”, as the treasury phrased it in its latest budget review, is an important way to contain costs. But government departments spent nearly R65-million in the past year on the salaries of 772 suspended employees.”
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SOUTH AFRICA: A march against ourselves: Why Vavi and Co’s anti-corruption march has been delayed
“Like child murder, the second season of hit HBO series, and U2, everyone hates corruption. So much so that a coalition called Unite Against Corruption was planning simultaneous marches to Parliament and the Union Buildings on August 19.”
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USA: “Bomb Iran” plan simply won’t go away
“Even before the upcoming August recess on Capitol Hill, the dogs of war, unleashed by remote control from Tel Aviv, predictably are trying to tear the Iran-P5+1 nuclear deal to shreds from all sides.”
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TURKEY: The Turkish Military Carries out a New Kurdish Massacre
 “Turkish military jets have continued to bomb in Qandil (Iraqi Kurdistan) and surrounding villages in the past 24 hours. In the early hours of 1st of August, between 4-5 am local time, Turkish jets bombed Qandil and Kurdish civilians again.”
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COLOMBIA: Colombian Workers Injured and Fired
“When the injured and fired GM workers in Colombia tried the legal route to win justice in 2011, they were stopped by a corrupt legal system. So on August 1, 2011 they set up two small tents in protest at the U.S. Embassy.”
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USA: How Uber and the Gig Economy Are Making Voters as Disposable as Temp Workers
“A series of recent PR skirmishes between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush over the role of Uber workers in the new on-demand sharing economy has made it clear that both candidates are focused on disposable temp voters.. “
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AUSTRALIA: Fight plan for mass sacking and secret automation
“The First Interim Report on Value-Added Tax released by the Davis Tax Committee for the Minister of Finance analyses zero-rating and VAT in isolation of the actual consumption patterns of working class households.”
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