Working Class Movement statement

Issued 29 November 2018

The leadership of the 147 working class formations that convened and met at the Working-Class Summit in July 2018 to launch a working-class movement met again on 23 November 2018 to evaluate the programme adopted by the Summit. 

The leaders of the working class movement agreed unanimously that the situation that had necessitated the convening of the Working Class Summit has worsened. 

Coalition seeks comprehensive social security

Black Sash press release, 28 November 2018

Arising from widespread concerns raised by civil society organizations, Black Sash hosted a Social Security Seminar from 21 to 23 November 2018 with the theme Facing A World Without Full Employment. The seminar focused on the causes for and options to address structural unemployment within South Africa.

Victory for THORN workers at Spar: former labour broker employees to be insourced



SAFTU press statement, 2 November 2018

The South African Federation of Trade Unions congratulates the workers at Spar South Rand and their union THORN on their victory today when they reached an agreement that all rights conferred on a recognized representative trade union are being granted forthwith to THORN.

From 1 December 2018, all former employees of two labour brokers will be insourced and employed directly by Spar, and the grievances of these former Temporary Employment Service employees will be referred directly to Spar. 

Amadiba Crisis Committee: “We are in solidarity with the Jama community protests against Sanral!”

Since Monday 22 October, the residents of Jama community in inland Amadiba area have been blocking the works for the building of the Mtentu giant bridge. The blockade continued today.

The people of Jama demand that Sanral keeps it promises of giving the jobs to the locals. They demand:

  • The security with big guns must leave the site! The children are very scared when they go to school and local adults as well.
  • The Project Liaison Committee and the Project Liaison Officer Mr Zeka Mnyamana must be changed! The PLO and PLO must be elected by the community.
  • Sanral’s truck driving testing officer must leave. All experienced local drivers are failing his “tests”. Nobody knows why.

Watch video of the blockade on the Amadiba Crisis Committee's Facebook page.

Umlazi United Front activists harassed for ANC internal murder

United Front press statement, 22 October 2018

On Thursday 18 October, 150 activists from the South Durban United Front marched in Umlazi. The march was called over the disappearance of R392-million, earmarked for low-cost housing in Ward 88 uMlazi, and supported by a range of organisations including the Right2Know campaign, Abahlali BaseMjondolo movement and Ubunye Bama Hostel. The march ended peacefully at the office of the eThekwini municipal councillor S’bu Maphumulo, at around 2pm.

Communist Party of Swaziland: All Power to the teachers, students protesting Mswati’s crisis-ridden rule

The Communist Party of Swaziland fully supports the protest march to the US embassy demanding that the autocrat Mswati be returned from the US, where he is currently at the UN, to face the music in his crisis-ridden country.

The protest is being led by the teachers’ union SNAT and has been joined by students and others.

Swaziland is in meltdown. It is increasingly clear that the regime cannot hold onto power indefinitely. Its grip is already slipping. More and more workers are ready to act against the autocracy and to make it unworkable.

Unpaid Benefits Campaign media statement on the Constitutional Court’s decision to dismiss Rosemary Hunter’s application

Media statement issued 20 September 2018

The Constitutional Court today closed the door on the skeletons that the Financial Services Board has been trying to hide in its judgement on Rosemary Hunter’s application for the cancellations by the FSB of 4,600 funds to be investigated. Beside the R250-million of Nkandla, the R5-billion graft of the arms deal or the billions lost to Gupta-ite capture, the pillaging of potentially hundreds of millions of rands of workers’ savings in provident and pension funds that are unpaid will remain hidden for now. The Court judged that the FSB (now known as the Financial Sector Conduct authority, FSCA) had done enough to review the cancellations and had acted in good faith, despite: