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E-NEWS BULLETIN 15 March 2019 Links to present possibilities


wfpWomen farm workers demand end to labour abuses

Lack of enforcement of the law has lead to widespread violation of the rights of women farm workers, says Women on Farms Project, which led a march to Parliament on International Women’s Day.

Abdulhay Ahmed Saloojee memorial lecture 2019

Friday 5 April | 6 – 9 pm

With Michael Löwy, a French-Brazilian Marxist sociologist and philosopher.

He is the author of books on Karl Marx, Che Guevara, Liberation Theology, György Lukács, Walter Benjamin, Lucien Goldmann and Franz Kafka. Read more

Venue: Joseph Stone auditorium, corner Protea St. & Klipfontein Rd, Athlone, Cape Town
RSVP to or WhatsApp 08I 552 4551 by 20 March

Also broadcast live on Radio 786 100.4fm
and streamed online



passportThe Western Erasure of African Tragedy



bds-berlinGermany puts BDS activists on trial for disrupting Israeli MK

Two Israelis and a Palestinian activist are standing trial for interrupting a talk by Israeli member of Knesset Aliza Lavie at a Berlin university in 2017.

Local news from Khayelitsha, East London, Port Elizabeth, Alexandra and Orange Farm in English and isiXhosa

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dr-robotFremont family upset that Kaiser let ‘robot’ deliver bad news

A patient is told via a robot with a doctor on video that he is on death’s door. The owners of the hospital dispute that it was a ‘robot’ and regard the device rather as a medium for doctors to remotely counsel their patients.



int.womens-day‘If We Stop, the World Stops!’: Hundreds of Thousands of Spanish Women Take to Streets for Feminist Strike

The strike’s ultimate goal, organizers say, is “subverting the world order and the pervading hetero-patriarchal, racist, and neoliberal rhetoric.”

tithiCapitalism’s life source: the domestic and social basis for exploitation

Spoken language retains social echoes of the unity between production and reproduction. We continue to talk about women ‘labouring’ to give birth and the term proletariat has its origin in the Latin proletarius or “one who produces offspring”.

A movement of women have decided not to procreate in response to the coming ‘climate breakdown and civilisation collapse’. Will their protest be a catalyst for change?



school-strikeThese young activists are striking to save their planet from climate change

A cadre of teens (and a pre-teen) are leading a nation-wide strike to get climate change into the national conversation. Climate change is here, it’s threatening the future, and the grown-ups in charge aren’t taking it seriously

Why farmers find FISP problematic

In August 2018, The Rural Women’s Assembly (RWA) and the African Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) hosted a speak-out with SADC smallholder farmers in Windhoek, Namibia (SOUTHERN AFRICA) on Farm Input Subsidy Programmes (FISPs). FISPs are government agricultural programmes to promote the use of Green Revolution inputs (hybrid seed, synthetic fertilizer and agro-chemicals) produced by multinational corporations.


cao-feiShining a Light on Chinese Workers

Cao Fei is an artist that has created an avatar of herself, sending robot vacuum cleaners into an urban demolition zone, and captured the lives of workers in a light bulb factory in the Pearl River Delta region of China.



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