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E-NEWS BULLETIN 25 January 2019 Links to present possibilities


farmers E-CapeMining will not bring jobs to Xolobeni

Why, if residents of Amadiba support job creation initiatives, would they oppose mining? The consistent public claims about the job creation and developmental benefits of mining in Xolobeni have never been backed up by any research or evidence. Rather, the research that has been done has indicated quite the opposite.

Xolobeni digs in its heels against miners’ habitual profiteering

Community opts to live off the land rather than succumb to the lure of underground riches as it fears the contamination of water, soil, air and pastures.

helicopterTransworld Mineral and Energy today distributed food parcels in Xolobeni preparing for “scientific survey”

While helicopters were flying overhead doing a ‘geophysical’ survey of the area, a truck stopped near the home of a mining director and another mining director handed out food parcels Amadiba Crisis Committee statement, 23 January 2019.

r2k-logoR2K welcomes the signing of the Political Party Funding Act

“The signing of the Political Party Funding Act is a victory for transparency and the voters’ right to know. This is a long-overdue step towards a more transparent and accountable democracy, in which voters have basic information about who funds our political parties.”

numsa-logoNUMSA condemns Eskom’s plans to retrench workers

“Our members at Megawatt park staged a lunchtime picket together with members of the NUM on Wednesday. the purpose of the demonstration was to express our anger at Eskom, the board and government the shareholder for unilaterally taking a decision to retrench workers without consulting


Davos and the spectre of populism

The World Economic Forum is a lavishly prepared master’s table at which heads of state and government ministers are bribed, bullied and flattered to pursue policies that favour big business, writes Terry Bell. At the same time there is considerable debate about how best to manage and sustain a global economic system that has made the club’s members and their cohorts wealthier — and now possibly more worried — than ever before.

maga tauntsThe Smile of Class Privilege

That smile. A grin, really. You can spin it anyway you want to, but it is unmistakable except, of course, to the toxically innocent or ahistorical and willfully obtuse. It is one born of privilege.

pentagonBases, Bases, Everywhere … Except in the Pentagon’s Report

Officially, the U.S. Department of Defense maintains 514 ‘sites’ in 45 foreign countries. These installations exist somewhere between light and shadow, writes Nick Turse. While acknowledged as foreign military outposts, they are excluded from the official inventory.

L.A. Teachers Strike Dispatch #9: What We Won

The United Teachers of Los Angeles strike was enormously popular, with tens of thousands of parents and students joining already full picketlines. Many intangibles were won.

indian defence industry strikeIn India, 400,000 defence civilian employees go on strike against anti-working class measures

The defence civilian employees are striking to protest privatisation, disinvestment in defence PSUs, the National Pension System, among other things.

Philippines: From exploited to empowered

Novelita Palisoc had no choice but to become a domestic worker. Over the years, she experienced mistreatment & abuse. But her inspiring strength allowed her to fight back & take the lead of a prominent union.

concerned teachersPhilippines: Teacher unionists under threat

Online petition Education International invites the global union community to write to President Rodrigo Duterte to express its outrage at the death threats received by the General Secretary of the Alliance of Concerned Teachers and at the unlawful profiling of union members by the Philippine authorities.


Fguaidoears of US-Backed ‘Coup’ in Motion as Trump Recognizes Venezuela Opposition Lawmaker as ‘Interim President’

President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela officially cut off dipomatic ties with the U.S. government on Wednesday. He said in his speech the U.S. was making a “grave mistake.”.

trumpUS Backs Coup in Oil-Rich Venezuela, Right-Wing Opposition Plans Mass Privatization and Hyper-Capitalism

The U.S. has effectively declared a coup in Venezuela. Trump recognized unelected right-wing opposition leader Juan Guaidó as new “president,” who plans mass privatization and neoliberal capitalist policies.


More than 140 artists from Europe are supporting the appeal from Palestinian artists to boycott the Eurovision song contest to be held in Tel Aviv this year.

Local news from Khayelitsha, East London, Port Elizabeth, Alexandra and Orange Farm in English and isiXhosa

Install the Elitsha app for your phone


irobotWhen the real threat is worker surveillance – not the robot apocalypse

Much of the current conversation revolves around the role that technology will play in the workplace going forward. While many are worried about the way technology will displace labor, recent research suggests that labor-displacing technology is not on the horizon for most jobs. Far more deserving of scrutiny are the technological and legal practices that are exacerbating age-old problems of employer power over workers.

surveillance-capitalismHow Google and Facebook Spawned Surveillance Capitalism

Shoshana Zuboff, author of “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism,” argues that digital services developed by the likes of Google and Facebook should not be viewed as the latest iteration of industrialization. Instead, Dr. Zuboff writes, they represent a new and problematic market form that trades in predicting and influencing human behavior.

Tyranny of the algorithm: how Uber replaced one exploitative boss with another

The spin starts with the earliest enticement to join up and work in your spare time. But by definition, if you’re working in your spare time then it’s no longer really “spare time”. This goes to the heart of the gig economy lie – downplaying work by calling it a gig rather than a job.

google walkoutGoogle Urged the U.S. to Limit Protection for Activist Workers

While Google publicly supported employees who protested company policies, it quietly asked the government to narrow the right to organize over work email.


Bboots-rileyoots Riley Talks About a Socialist Alternative for Society

Sorry to Bother You is a breakneck absurdist comedy set on the frontlines of the class struggle in a call centre in Oakland, California. In this interview with the film’s director, Boots Riley, he shares the desolation of modern capitalism and why he is a communist.


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