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E-NEWS BULLETIN 27 April 2018 Links to present possibilities


saftuMemorandum handed over on the 25 April general strike

The demands of the nationwide general strike led by SAFTU on Wednesday: “Workers in particular are campaigning against a ferocious declaration of war by the ruling class of white monopoly capitalists, who are trying to get Parliament to pass new laws, which will entrench poverty and threaten workers’ constitutional right to withdraw their labour.”
Total Shutdown Looms

Amadiba Crisis at Pta high CourtCommunity consent is not needed for mining rights, says lawyer

About 200 people from mining communities across the country picketed outside the Pretoria High Court on Tuesday in support of the Right To Say No to Mining Campaign.

amadiba crisisThe struggle history of Amadiba Crisis Committee

The Amadiba Crisis Committee was formed in 2007 by five villages on the Wild Coast to fight open cast mining on their land. It is in this area that the Pondo Revolt started in 1959 when It took three years of bloodshed before the apartheid government gave up plans for land grabbing via ‘betterment schemes’.

eviction in gugsKnow your rights: when can you be evicted and how?

Evictions are a common occurrence in South African cities, informal settlements and townships. What does the law say about evictions?

Winners of the world’s leading environmental award faced down Vladimir Putin and Jacob Zuma, to overturn a multibillion-dollar nuclear deal.

PMB protestAngry residents surround ANC regional leadership in Pietermaritzburg City Hall

Residents of Sobantu in Pietermaritzburg barricaded roads with burning tyres and rocks and stopped drivers entering or leaving the township. The protests are over housing and crumbling infrastructure.



marxiquinYanis Varoufakis: Marx predicted our present crisis – and points the way out

The former finance minister of Greece reads in The Communist Manifesto how Marx and Engels foresaw the predatory and polarised global capitalism of the 21st century, and the directive to create a better world.

Finance Has Become the Dominant Force in Shaping the Global Economy

So says Richard Kozul-Wright, Director of UNCTAD’s Globalization and Development Strategies Division on the hazards of ‘hyper-globalisation’ in an interview.

xi trumpCan American and Chinese Workers Unite With a Trade War Looming?

Trump’s moves on tariffs present a dilemma for the labor movements in both countries—and a chance to chart a new path forward,

China’s “Currency Devaluation Game”

Donald Trump was apparently angry about the value of the Russian and the Chinese currencies against the dollar. He complained in a tweet that both are playing the “Currency Devaluation game”.

managuaThe Empire Turns Its Sights on Nicaragua – Again!

Currently, Nicaragua is the only country victimized by the US-backed Central American Wars which is not also a source of immigrants to the US. This is in no small part due to the Sandinistas’ effective social programs. As for the Sandinistas’ social programs.




einstein statueThe Ghost of Herut: Einstein on Israel, 70 Years Ago

Albert Einstein, along with other Jewish luminaries, including Hannah Arendt, published a letter in the New York Times only a few months after Israel had declared its independence and as hundreds of Palestinian villages were being actively demolished after their inhabitants were expelled.

gaza beachSelective Outrage

Trump’s compassion for Syrian children stands against his silence over thousands of Palestinian civilians and children slaughtered by repeated attacks from Israel upon Gaza, typically utilizing chemical weapons.

Local news from Khayelitsha, East London, Port Elizabeth, Alexandra and Orange Farm in English and isiXhosa

Install the Elitsha app for your phone



The future of work in the era of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is fast changing the world. The premise that intelligent machines will perform tasks more efficiently and at a lower cost than human beings is by no means far-fetched.

Google’s Delisting and Censorship of Information

While Google claims to be supportive of “free speech,” what Google is not saying is that it is only supportive of the free-speech which it approves.

cockroachA giant indoor farm in China is breeding 6 billion cockroaches a year. Here’s why

When they reach the desired weight and size, the cockroaches are fed into machines and crushed to make the potion, which had “remarkable effects” on stomach pain and other ailments, said the provincial government.

Over the past five years, IBM has targeted its older U.S. employees for layoffs. ProPublica investigates the experience of some of the workers affected.



World War is Still in the Cards

It is easy to see how the Syrian war could lead to a major escalation: indeed, it is difficult to see how it could not.

pinochet suhartoFrom Pinochet to Suharto, U.S. supported dictators who “killed their own people”

The sanctimony of U.S. President Trump decrying the alleged barbarity of Bashar al-Assad for bombing Syrians with chemical weapons is galling when the track record of the U.S. shows its appetite for mass slaughter when it suits its agenda.



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