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Friday 20 November 2015

Labour news you cannot afford to miss !


Top 20 richest people in SA
“Wealth is a crown and those who wear it, must be recognised as the kings of the society and be accorded the deserving respect that comes with the crown.”
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Boko Haram Actually Kills More People In Terror Attacks Than ISIS
“This week, the world’s deadliest terror group wrought extraordinary carnage on crowds of people going about their daily lives.”

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Love affair between the Turkish government and ISIS
“Everybody knows that the menace of ISIS grew in the Middle East with the help of the JDP (Justice Development Party) government in Turkey. We get to understand this reality better with each massacre at the hands of the jihadists.”

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We’ve been facing This Savage Terror for Over 5 Years

“Syrian President Bashar al Assad condemned Friday’s attacks in Paris and said that such acts of terror were similar to what his people had faced in years of violent civil war”
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Brazilian Petrobras Oil Workers Strike Against Privatization & Union Busting

“Eighty  thousand workers at the Brazilian Petrobras oil company are striking against further privatization and union busting. “
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Time Is Running Out For Pax Americana’s Apologists

“While the war in Syria has demonstrated the inferiority of US armament compared to that of Russia, the question of the end of American hegemony should be reviewed. According to Rostislav Ischenko, Washington must quickly make the right decisions.”
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Scioli in Argentina Presidential Debate: Neoliberalism Hurts
“Argentina’s two presidential candidates have butted heads over the economy in a fierce televised debate.”
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Democracy Through Technology: Internet Access in Rio’s Favelas and Facebook

“A resident of a North Zone favela told a story of how his landlord gave him notice to vacate his apartment and demanded he move out quickly.  The resident had other housing options in the favela and was not too distraught.”
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Crossing the digital divide with free Wi-Fi in Vancouver’s DTES
“Residents of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES) are receiving free Wi-Fi access thanks to an initiative by the DTES Street Market. Operating as a low-barrier social enterprise where individuals with limited income can sell recycled goods, the DTES Street Market has created a free, public Wi-Fi network out of their office space.”

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Democracy Through Technology: Internet Access in Rio’s Favelas and Facebook

“A resident of a North Zone favela told a story of how his landlord gave him notice to vacate his apartment and demanded he move out quickly.  The resident had other housing options in the favela and was not too distraught.”
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How the South African government will spy on your Internet activities
“Among a row of business offices in Sunninghill, Sandton, sits an unnamed, unnumbered three-storey building.It seems out of place: against the backdrop of tall trees…..
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Over 1,000 schools destroyed by Boko Haram this year – UN
“Boko Haram Islamists have destroyed an estimated 1,100 schools this year in their stronghold region surrounding Lake Chad, the United Nations envoy to the area, Toby Lanzer, said Monday. “
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Western Intelligence’s Vision Blinded by Allah?
“When the United States and Saudi Arabia decided to curb Iranian influence in the Middle East by embarking on a strategy that involved bolstering Sunni extremist forces,…”
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U.S. Is Not Seriously Fighting Against The Islamic State
“Throughout the last week the Russian airforce updated its target list in Syria. Plans were prepared, units designated, ammunition was loaded.”
US Phillips Seafood brutal Indonesian operation: crabmeat workers hired, fired and outsourced by text message

“Phillips Seafood, a US company with a chain of seafood restaurants on the East Coast which also has outlets in airports and casinos and markets processed seafood products, relies on brutal exploitation and disposable jobs for their Indonesian crabmeat. “
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Washington Provides Bombs for Yemen Chaos
The US government will sell bombs worth $1.3 billion (£850 million) to Saudi Arabia to continue its military campaign in Yemen.
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Greek Strike Shows Conflict Within Government Over Austerity
“Hundreds of thousands of Greeks walked off their jobs on Thursday to protest austerity economics as officials of the leftist-led government wrangled with the country’s international creditors over the terms of Greece’s third bailout. At least one Athens protest turned violent. “
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Will robots take over your job?
“Andy Haldane, the Bank of England’s chief economist, has warned that 15m UK jobs could be replaced by robots in the future. In a speech to the Trade Unions Congress, he said machines were now capable of “thinking as well as doing”.
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Losi ready for highest office
“COSATU second deputy president Zingiswa Losi hit back at her detractors, saying she deserved to be in the federation’s top brass.”

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The French Republic taken hostage
“The war which has now spread to Paris is incomprehensible for those French citizens who are ignorant of practically all the secret activities of their government in the Arab world, ..”
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Terror in Paris is the Result of Imperialist Terror in the Middle East!
“Stop France’s and other Imperialist Powers’ Warmongering! No Mobilization of the Army inside France! Defend the Muslim Peoples against Chauvinist Hatemongering and State Repression!”
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South Korean Police Repress Massive Anti-Government Protest And Greek General Strike
“Police used tear gas and capsaicin-laced (pepper spray) in water cannons against demonstrators demanding the resignation of conservative President Park Geun-hye.
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Mongolia Union leader sets himself on fire to protest sale of coal industry to China as Mongolia privatizes resources
“A Mongolian union leader opposed to the proposed sale of his country’s coal mining industry to China set himself on fire in protest, according to reports.”
2 Things You Won’t Learn From the New Steve Jobs Film
“At the press conference for the New York Film Festival’s screening of Steve Jobs, the film’s screenwriter, Aaron Sorkin, and Jobs’s biographer, Walter Isaacson, were repeatedly asked to address themselves to the film’s central question: “Had he been a bit nicer, could Jobs have put a dent in the universe the way that he did?”
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Labor, tech unite behind push for ‘on demand’ worker rights
“Tech companies, venture capitalists and unions are uniting behind a push to win benefits for the growing contingent of ‘on-demand’ workers at companies like Uber.”
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American hypocrisy reaches new heights.
“Obama and the neocon infestation are still bent on deposing Assad. Instead, they should all be answering to a war crimes tribunal. The latest terrorist attack in Paris (11.13.15) is quite probably a false flag designed to justify wider and deeper involvement by NATO militaries in Syria, the “boots on the ground” the US elites have been planning for all along,…”
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Zuckerberg’s Facebook’s new is a scam Facebook’s new is evil
“Why is Mark Zuckerberg so concerned about his ‘charity’ initiative that he had to re-jig it in the face of opposition, star in another breathless video about it, and start a misleading campaign about it among users in India? Bear with me, it’s an interesting story.”
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