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Wednesday 8 September 2021
6 – 8pm

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We need a United Mass Campaign

Our campaign for lifesaving vaccines for all has entered a new phase and we need all organizations and activists to play an active role NOW.   During the initial phase of the campaign we pushed for government to procure enough vaccines and ensure an equitable distribution plan. The situation now in South Africa is that provisionally there is sufficient supply of vaccines but the uptake by people has been low and slow. There are various reasons for this. At the same time the challenge of global vaccine equity is more critical now with African countries deprived of adequate vaccine supplies. This includes the situation in South Africa where vaccine is being produced here but most exported to the North and South Africa having to pay inflated prices for limited supply.

We need to discuss and urgently address these problems. This will require grassroots campaigning in communities and workplaces and pressure placed on the SA and Western governments and big pharmaceutical companies.

In the process of campaigning for people to access vaccines we need to highlight and make our people more aware of SA’s unequal healthcare system and encourage people to organize themselves into mass democratic local organizations.   We call on ALL PVC member and non-member organizations (CBO’s, NGO’s, Trade Unions, Religious Formations, Sport) to attend.


  1. Update on the PVC’s progress since the last People’s Assembly meeting
  2. The Current Phase of our Struggle for Vaccines for All – Why the low and Slow Uptake of Vaccines?
  3. What is to be Done? The Need for a Mass Campaign
  4. What can be done? What will our grassroots campaign entail?
  5. Developing our Programme of Action and the Way Forward

Yours in solidarity

PVC Steering Committee

Contact Aaron Maselwane for any assistance: