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E-NEWS BULLETIN 22 February 2019 Links to present possibilities


pvt#Budget2019: Out of the Zuma frying pan straight into the privatisation furnace

The break with the Zuma regime is not just in relation to corruption and cronyism, but towards reconciliation with big foreign and domestic capital.

mboweniSAFTU condemns Mboweni’s bosses’ budget

The South African Federation Trade Unions condemns the budget as a savage attack on the workers and poor and as an attempt to appease international big business and the wealthiest South Africans.

The Budget Justice Coalition reaffirms the need for a rights-oriented budget

While we recognise the tight financial spot the Treasury has been painted into by widespread corruption, under-delivering departments and failing SOEs, especially Eskom – we urge government to recall its first duty: to ensure the progressive realisation of people’s Constitutional rights.

The Black Sash Responds to the 2019 Budget Speech

blacksashThe Black Sash takes issue with the social support grant increases and petrol price increases, and reminds government of the high unemployment.

Ubulbnbundling Eskom is code for privatisation

Unbundling serves a privatisation agenda by making electricity and its provision a commodity rather than a public service and human right.

SA-mine-1904-10Stats SA’s confusing mining employment statistics

The Quarterly Labour Force Survey is the most reliable source of employment statistics, but it has a serious flaw: its mining employment data is wrong. It states that the number of mining jobs rose 13% between the first quarters of 2008 and 2018.

r2k-logoOpen letter to the commission of inquiry on State Capture

The Right2Know campaign calls on the Zondo Commission to investigate evidence and allegations of state capture and associated corruption in South Africa’s broadcasting sector. [143KB pdf]

pmb-muniWorkers in finance department down tools in Pietermaritzburg

Municipal employees say they work in terrible conditions and their office equipment and computers do not function. Pick n Pay becomes their only place to refer people wanting pay their municipal accounts.

Inequality caused by Macro-Economic Policies During an Era of Durable Overaccumulation Crisis

A journal article by Patrick Bond and Christopher Malikane on a pivot of Marxian economics and a plague of postapartheid South Africa, the problem of overaccumulated capital. [801KB pdf]

Local news from Khayelitsha, East London, Port Elizabeth, Alexandra and Orange Farm in English and isiXhosa

Install the Elitsha app for your phone


english-rubbishChildren are so hungry in one British town they are eating from bins

This is the situation being reported by teachers in communities across the UK – children arriving at school so hungry that they are filling their pockets with food, or even scouring bins for scraps.

Strikes close or slow production at dozens of assembly plants and factories as workers demand better salaries.

bangladeshisBangladesh Government set to throw away Accord achievements

The Bangladesh Accord, which was a response to the Rana Plaza building collapse in 2013 that claimed more than 1000 lives, is set to be thrown away by the government despite achieving better safety protections for workers in the garment industry.

dorothy-boldenOverlooked No More: Dorothy Bolden, Who Started a Movement for Domestic Workers

An obituary for Dorothy Bolden who adapted the organizing techniques she learned as a civil rights activist to secure protections for domestic workers, a largely unregulated part of the work force. She died in 2005; The New York Times is supplementing its archive.



maduro roussefInside the neoliberal laboratory preparing for the theft of Venezuela’s economy

US foreign policy mobilizes every available resource for regime change and for counterinsurgency. Among those resources, you will always find academics. The pen may not always be mightier than the sword, but behind every US-backed war on a foreign people there will be a body of scholarly work.

venezuela-solidarityVenezuela: What Activists Need To Know About The US-Led Coup

Two things stand out about the US coup in Venezuela. First, it is unusually open. Typically, the US tries to hide its coups. Second, the coup is built on a series of obvious falsehoods.

“U.S. Hands off Venezuela!”

Radio show from WBAI in New York discussing the far right threat to Latin America, with the director of a Brazilian human rights organisation, an American lawyer and political activist and the Secretary General of the International Association Against Torture and member of the December 12th Movement. Download or listen to this 28:50 minute program, or

Socialism in Venezuela & US Sanctions, Coup and War Threat – Part 1

The mainstream media has been supporting the coup, flooding the air waves and Internet with stories about chaos, poverty, corruption, and violence in Venezuela, showing Maduro is unpopular. Yet, not mentioned in these news reports are the extremely popular education, health care, and housing programs provided by the Venezuelan government and popular support of Maduro.

Our Venezuela Coup: The Who, What, Why From Censored Perspectives

A special look at the situation in Venezuela from outside the corporate media

[Act Out! 194] - Our Venezuela Coup: The Who, What, Why From Censored Perspectives


glu2019 Global Labour University

Masters Programmes in U.S. and Germany open for application

The Masters’ programmes focus on policies for social justice including global governance, international labour standards, development, economics, trade and multinational enterprises. Trade unionists with a trade union recommendation letter can apply for scholarships.

Masters in Professional Studies in Labor and Global Workers’ Rights at Penn State University, USA.
Application deadline: 1 March 2019

Master of Arts (MA) in “Labour Policies and Globalisation” at the Berlin School of Economics and Law/University of Kassel in Germany.
Application deadline: 1 March 2019


russian-hacksWhat Happens if Russia Cuts Itself Off from the Internet

The world’s internet infrastructure has no central authority and the Russian state wants to control it, but it’s much more difficult than Vladimir Putin may think.

fitness fascistWith fitness trackers in the workplace, bosses can monitor your every step — and possibly more

Devices worn on employees’ bodies are an increasingly valuable source of workforce health intelligence for employers and insurance companies. It is fueling a boom in the use of wrist-borne health and fitness monitors.

strawberry skynet harvestFarmworker vs Robot

Agricultural workers of the future may soon be made of tech and steel. Can a robot pick a strawberry better, faster, and cheaper than a seasonal farmworker?

robotsAutomation and the American Worker: Cynthia Estlund asks, “What Should We Do After Work?”

Advances in robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are set to reshape the labor market in ways for which we have yet to prepare. Soon robots will begin to outperform human workers in a number of jobs.



dark satanic millsRenewable Energy under Capitalism: Why It Won’t Happen

Renewable energy is usually agreed to be the way forward. However, we haven’t adopted these sources of energy in any systematic, widespread way. To understand why, we will need to explore the basic foundation of Marxism.

Radio show on the anniversary of Malcom X’s assassination

February 18, 7-9 pm EST
Archived shows
“Eulogy for Malcolm X” by Ossie Davis (1917 – 2005)

Faith Temple Church of God In Christ, New York City – February 27, 1965
“This was his meaning to his people. And, in honoring him, we honor the best in ourselves. Last year, from Africa, he wrote these words to a friend: My journey, he says, is almost ended, and I have a much broader scope than when I started out, which I believe will add new life and dimension to our struggle for freedom and honor and dignity in the States.”



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