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SAFTU press statement, 2 November 2018

The South African Federation of Trade Unions congratulates the workers at Spar South Rand and their union THORN on their victory today when they reached an agreement that all rights conferred on a recognized representative trade union are being granted forthwith to THORN.

From 1 December 2018, all former employees of two labour brokers will be insourced and employed directly by Spar, and the grievances of these former Temporary Employment Service employees will be referred directly to Spar. 

Already THORN’s shop steward have been recognized and a collective agreement will formalize the terms and conditions of a relationship between THORN and Spar.

This follows NUMSA’s historic victory at the Constitutional Court which ruled that the correct interpretation of the Labour Relations Act means that a worker placed by a labour broker at a company, becomes that company’s employee after three months – in a sole employment relationship.

The Spar workers have also shown that this judgement will only be implemented when workers stand up and fight for it, as they have done. They have set an example which SAFTU encourages all other workers employed by labour brokers to follow.

SAFTU will be mobilizing all outsourced workers and those employed by labour brokers for a campaign  of rolling mass action until all labour brokers and outsourced services are gone!