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E-NEWS BULLETIN 25 August 2017 A week’s links to the making of the world


Has the Financial Services Board been captured?

UBC placardTwenty-three years after the end of apartheid there are at least 4.5-million people, almost all poor and black, in South Africa and neighbouring states who have not been paid pension and provident fund benefits.

Stats reveal that cops are spying on 70,000+ mobile phones every year – Right2Know

surveillanceStatistics from MTN, Vodacom, Cell C and Telkom show that, at a minimum, law enforcement agencies are spying on the communications of at least 70,000 phone numbers each year.

SANRAL’s unfinanced and unauthorised N2 Wild Coast Toll Road – Amadiba Crisis Committee

amadibaWhere a proponent of the N2 Toll Road in the Eastern Cape coast claims “the support and enthusiasm of affected communities”, the community made their rejection of the highway clear to SANRAL’s CEO Mr Macozoma. Watch IHLAZO! [Disgrace!] to see what happened. Read Statement by the Amadiba Crisis Committee

Local news from Khayelitsha, East London, Port Elizabeth, Alexandra and Orange Farm in English and isiXhosa

Install the app for your phone: android /com.elitsha iphone /elitsha/


Kenya elections 2017: A massive fraud by the genius of evil, with international participation

uhuru odingaThe so-called victory of Uhuru Kenyatta is a victory of private business. Kenyans should expect the collapse of public institutions in the next few years and increased militarization to keep the people in perpetual fear.

Congo Genocide: An interview with Sylvestre MidoDRC war

“August 2 is the anniversary of the beginning of the Second Congo War, so we commemorate it to remind Congolese communities at home and abroad that since that date, millions of Congolese have been killed, raped, kidnapped, and enslaved for our natural resources.


Private Prisons Boom in Texas and Across America Under Immigration Crackdown

prisonerThe private prison business is booming as President Donald Trump delivers on his campaign promise to crack down on immigrants here illegally. In the first three months of his presidency, at least 113,828 immigrants were locked up in 180 different facilities nationwide.


Facebook, Airbnb go on offense against Neo-Nazis after violence

charlottesvilleWhen white supremacists plan rallies like in Charlottesville, Virginia, they often organize their events on Facebook, pay for supplies with PayPal, book their lodging with Airbnb and ride with Uber. Technology companies have been taking pains to distance themselves from these customers.


Forty Years Since Leon Trotsky’s Assassination

trotOn 20 August, 1940, Trotsky was struck a fatal blow with an ice-pick by Ramon Mercader, an agent sent to Mexico by Stalin’s secret police (the GPU) to murder the exiled revolutionary.

When Debate Is Futile: Bertrand Russell’s Remarkable Response to a Fascist’s Provocation

russellIn January of 1962, Russell received a series of letters from an unlikely correspondent — Sir Oswald Mosley, who had founded the British Union of Fascists thirty years earlier.


Sweden’s Prostitution Solution: Why Hasn’t Anyone Tried This Before?

roxanne“In Sweden prostitution is regarded as an aspect of male violence against women and children. It is officially acknowledged as a form of exploitation of women and children and constitutes a significant social problem”