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Your weekly round up of alternative news you ought to know • 12 August 2016     
SOUTH AFRICA: Women’s Month: more hype, less substance?
Women’s Day appears now to have morphed fully in Women’s Month, says Terry Bell in his latest Labour Wrap. But is this merely hype, an example of even more form with little substance? Or should it be characterised as an extended celebration of patronage? read more…http://www.fin

SOUTH AFRICA: Beyond ‘white monopoly capital’
Who owns South Africa?
The debate on ‘white monopoly capital’ has some blind spots as it omits the role of the state in  ownership  and  control  of  the  means  of  production.  The  state  also  controls  the  means  of  coercion and administration, writes Lucien van der Walt. read more…https://luc

SOUTH AFRICA: R2K Condemns Repression of Media Workers in Turkey

“R2K is appalled by the recent clampdowns on journalists and media outlets in Turkey. The past few weeks have been extremely worrying for media freedom in that country, which has a shameful record of persecuting outspoken journalists.” read more… http://www.r2k
SOUTH AFRICA: Elections aftermath: Why did the ANC ignore its own research?
““This is Radio Freedom, the voice of the African National Congress and its military wing Umkhonto we Sizwe…”

The ANC is a long way from the days when a crackly prohibited radio broadcast from exile was the only way the organisation communicated with ordinary people in South Africa, and yet loyalty was unwavering.

Now, 22 years into democracy the ANC spent a reported R1 billion on an election campaign that delivered its worst ever electoral performance. The ANC’s national executive committee (NEC) meeting is being closely watched to see how the party assesses its performance and responds to the backlash from voters. But the party’s own research rang the alarm bells before the poll and this was disregarded. By RANJENI MUNUSAMY.” read more…http://www.dai

BUJUMBURA: Body found in search for missing Burundian journalist
“Two decomposed bodies have been discovered in the Mubarazi River in the part of Burundi where Iwacu Group Press journalist Jean Bigirimana disappeared two weeks ago.

The bodies, thought to be of men, were found in Bugarama commune, in the province of Muramvya, 30 kilometres from the capital Bujumbura.” read more…http://www.iol

MIDDLE EAST: The Economic Boycott of Israel is Essential in the Struggle Against the Apartheid Regime
Important notice: This article was submitted as a response piece to the editorial board of “Local Call” (the Hebrew version of “+972 Magazine”) on July 24th, after it published a pro-Zionist guest article opposing the BDS aiming at sawing demoralization among its supporters. read more…http://the
MIDDLE EAST: Israel/Occupied Palestine: Next Year will mark 100 years of the Balfour Declaration
The Palestinian Authority is preparing a lawsuit against the British government over the issuing of the 1917 Balfour Declaration that paved the way for the creation of the State of Israel. read more…http://www.the
USA: RAND Corporation lays out scenarios for US war with China

“A new study by the RAND Corporation titled “War with China: Thinking Through the Unthinkable” is just the latest think tank paper devoted to assessing a US war against China.
The study, commissioned by the US Army, provides further evidence that a war with China is being planned and prepared in the upper echelons of the American military-intelligence apparatus.” read more…https://www.wsw
USA: The Moral Economy of Technology
This is the text version of remarks given by  Maciej    Cegłowski June 26, 2016, at a panel on the Moral Economy of Tech at the SASE conference in Berkeley. The other panel participants were Kieran Healy (whose remarks are here), Stuart Russell and Anna Lee Saxenian.  read more…https://kie
USA: Fact-checking Trump: Is “Record Immigration” Causing Higher Unemployment?
“We are going to have an immigration system that works, but one that works for the American people,” Donald Trump told the Republican National Convention. “Decades of record immigration have produced lower wages and higher unemployment for our citizens.”” read more…https://fe
UK: Ari Shaffir: Why I ditched my smartphone
“A recent report by UK regulator Ofcom claimed that 59% of Brits consider themselves to be “hooked” on their handsets – but not everybody is a slave to their smartphone, reports Zoe Kleinman.” more…