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Since the mid-1990’s, especially after the ANC government adopted its neo-liberal economic policy, GEAR, public education has become increasingly privatised and commercialised. Worst affected have been working class parents who struggle to pay school and/or university fees for their children in their quest to secure their part of “A Better Life for All” in the post-Apartheid era.

At schools and universities, teachers and workers were also adversely affected as government embarked on its penny-pinching approach with a lean and mean approach to public spending. University workers who did cleaning, gardening, catering and security work were suddenly outsourced to private companies. Many lost their jobs and those who remained employed saw huge cuts in their wages. In the recent uprisings by students we’ve seen these workers’ issues also emerging.

In this show we explore the concerns of university workers and what is being done about it.

Our Guests:
Dr Jan Theron – Institute of Development and Labour Law Coordinator, University of Cape Town
Nothemba Luckett – Workers Solidarity Committee, University of Witwatersrand
Mase Rameru – Rhodes Must Fall movement
Thembisa Xeketwana – NEHAWU Shopsteward

Tune in on Wednesday 4th November at 11:30 when our panel discusses The Education Struggle – Workers and Students United? on CTV ch 67 ch 32 and DSTV platform ch 263
Repeat on Sunday 8th November at 19:00
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Presenters: Ayanda Nabe and Phumeza Mdekazi