People with disabilities demand better services from Metrorail

4th December 2017 Bernard Chiguvare 0

As part of International Day for People with Disabilities, a group of disabled train commuters took the train from Cape Town Station to Fish Hoek to illustrate the challenges that disabled commuters face on a daily basis when trying to board a train. They feel that Metrorail should be providing friendlier services to the disabled.

Poverty, unemployment and alcohol abuse in small rural towns

23rd November 2017 Joseph Chirume 0

The lack of economic opportunities in small rural and farming towns around the country is driving up social ills. Most of these towns rely on a single industry, typically farming. Unemployment is high and too many children pregnant. Alcohol abuse is reportedly spiking because there are more bottle stores in town than factories or bookshops.

Disabled woman lives in a flooded house

16th November 2017 Mbulelo Sisulu 0

“Now we like animals because we do not know where we belong. How can we live like foreigners in our country? We do not have a councillor here because of this situation. Service delivery is very bad here”

Unfinished RDP houses leave a woman homeless

16th November 2017 Mbulelo Sisulu 0

Residents of Ducats near East London in the Eastern Cape spent many years living in the shacks. In 2003, they were very happy when they were told that a construction company had been hired to build RDP houses for them. 625 Houses were supposed to be built in this township. But the houses for 64 families did not materialise. 42 houses were left unfinished and 22 houses have never been built at all.

Toilet cleaners work under poor working conditions

28th October 2017 Manqulo Nyakombi 0

Toilet cleaners in East London are complaining about bad working conditions. Working under the Expanded Public Works Programme, the cleaners, the majority of them women, say they do not get protective gear and sometimes have to buy cleaning materials themselves. Some work without an uniform.