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International Solidarity EP_04 Complete show

For well over a century, workers all over the world have indentified with each others’ conditions and struggles for a living wage and better working and living conditions. South African ...workers were very active in the mass movements that fought in the struggle to liberate us from Apartheid oppression. At the same time millions of people from all over the world supported the struggle against Apartheid that eventually culminated in forcing their governments to pass legislation that enforced boycotts and sanctions against the Apartheid regime.

Palestinians are struggling to liberate themselves from the colonial occupation by the Israeli regime. Similarly, the people of Western Sahara are under the domination of Morocco, and closer to home, millions of Swazis are struggling to liberate themselves from the rule of the absolute monarch, King Mswati III.
What is it that our trade unions and South Africans are doing and ought to be doing in support of the liberation struggles of these countries?
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