Under investigation: Twelve masterminds planned and executed insurrection on social media, then lost control after looting spree

South Africa suffered an insurrection attempt this week with two provinces, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng, disabled and national fuel and food supply lines disrupted. It is the first such campaign organised and orchestrated on social media and shows the potency of the medium. Just over 38 million South Africans are now on the internet and 25 million of us are on social media.

Rioting leaves KZN township at a loss

Residents have been left to pick up the pieces after desperate people stripped the mall at the heart of Hammarsdale in KwaZulu-Natal.

Read more about the article PUDEMO calls for targeted sanctions against Mswati III
Pudemo has called for economic sanctions against the Swazi king. Archive photo by Abigail Jele

PUDEMO calls for targeted sanctions against Mswati III

Pudemo calls on international solidarity groups to support economic sanctions against Mswati III.

Durban food riots turn the wheel of history

South Africa’s social crisis has erupted as the people Cyril Ramaphosa and Jacob Zuma deem expendable, those who bear the brunt of the past and of the social costs of Covid-19, appropriate the bread of life.

eSwatini: Will Removing a King Bring Freedom?

The end of June brought with it reports that Africa’s last absolute ruler had fled his kingdom of eSwatini in the face of mass uprisings. Although this act was later denied by the government, the fact remained that the monarchy was undergoing its most serious challenge yet in its 53-year independence from colonial rule. This comes at a time of building class tension and follows a pattern of increasing unrest in sub-Saharan Africa.