#FeesMustFall feature

8th Dec 2015 Mzi Velapi 0

In October 2015, we saw one of the biggest student protests in post apartheid Africa. Students from tertiary institutions protesting against fee increments and called for “free quality Afrocentric socialist education.” Outsourced workers at the instutions joined the protest action calling for insourcing. So much has been written on the campaign and what lessons that can be learnt from it.
The protest was a response to proposed fee hikes by the institutions.

Student-worker alliance forces universities to insource

8th Dec 2015 Mzi Velapi 0

Service workers at South Africa’s universities were outsourced since the late 1990’s after the ANC government adopted its GEAR economic policy. This meant that cleaners, security, transport and catering workers were no longer directly employed by univerities. They were now employed by outsourced companies, losing most of their benefits and earning less than half their wages.

Rugby development in Khayelitsha township

8th Dec 2015 Siyavuya Khaya 0

The Rugby World Cup has come and gone and the Boks team is still a topical issue. With only 8 black players in the team that competed in the world cup, transformation of rugby remains necessary.
In order to deal with the challenge of poor rugby development in Khayelitsha, Connect Community Development established a rugby academy to nurture the skills of young rugby players and afford them an opportunity to play rugby.

Stellenbosch lecturer suspended

1st Jun 2015 Elitsha reporters 0

A Stellenbosch University lecturer who allegedly sent a racist SMS to a student has been suspended. This follows a complaint of racism laid by sociology […]

UCT student suspended

1st Jun 2015 Elitsha reporters 0

Chumani Maxwele, a UCT student who threw human excrement onto the statue of Cecil John Rhodes in March this year that sparked a series of […]